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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, April 1

April 1, 2009 - 8:01 am

valient_3  l_5f6dc0e073254b96b09da32f0c168faf  golden-animals-03-screen

PLAN A: Valient Thorr, Thieves and Liars, Die Sabotage @ The Casbah. If Turbonegro went full-metal, dropped the homosexual shtick and were from North Carolina, they’d be Valient Thorr, who are apparently impressive enough to inspire the formation of Thorrior “chapters” around the world. PLAN B: Wirepony, The Exfriends, AM Vibe @ Belly Up Tavern. Featuring “O” (Olivelawn, Fluf, Reeve Oliver) on bass, all-around shredder Eddie Glass (Olivelawn, Fu Manchu, Nebula) on drums and Patrick Dennis (Truckee Brothers) on vocals and guitar, it won’t take much for Wirepony to rise out of obscurity with a twang-y, sun-charred grittiness. BACKUP PLAN: Golden Animals, Heavy Glow, Ninja Love @ Beauty Bar (whoever booked this show gets weird style points. I never thought I would see hippie duo Golden Animals play with three dudes in ninja costumes playing ’70s arena rock, but whatever, that’s cool. –S.C.). –Todd Kroviak

Quick Picks:

The Anal Sex Beatles, Beat-Less, The Autumn Film, Extinct Animals @ Ruby Room–I thought the Anal Sex Beatles played their last show like two months ago? So much for retirement. 

South of The Boulevard, The Brandy Alexander Band, Sex N Violence @ U-31

Lily Allen, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head @ House of Blues

Crescendo, Tropical Depression, Lisa the Lush @ Radio Room

Branford Marsalis @ Anthology

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