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San Diego Shows–Monday, April 6

April 6, 2009 - 9:53 am

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PLAN A: Japanese Sunday, Marasol @ The Casbah. Japanese Sunday recently completed a tour of Japan, where the on-stage banter may have gotten a little awkward: “Hi, we’re Japanese Sunday from San Diego. So, do we have any Shintoists out there who watch American football? No? So, what do you guys do on Sundays?” PLAN B: Rachel Yamagata, Greg Laswell @ House of Blues. Substitute Norah Jones’ jazz affectations with pop ambitions, and you have Rachel Yamagata, whose music would probably make a perfect soundtrack to any teen drama currently running on the CW channel. Only, she’s far better than that makes her sound. BACKUP PLAN: Aluminum Babe, Lights On @ Bar Pink. –Todd Kroviak

Japanese Sunday’s MySpace page says they sound like “what bill murray said to scarlett johansson at the end of lost in translation.” Video below is a little dark, bur I have to say that I agree with their movie-referencing self-encapsulation:

Quick Picks:

“Dub Dynamite” w/ DJs Rashi, Eddie Turbo Danny Dread feat. Peril from Tribe of Kings @ The Office

Lady Dottie and the Diamond @ U-31

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