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San Diego Shows–Friday, April 10

April 10, 2009 - 8:07 am

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PLAN A: Muscle, Blood and Something Else, Adam!, Madii and Alex, Machéte, Lelas and the Traveling Peroles @ Che Café. Faux country and indiegrass bands are a dime a dozen in San Diego these days, but if you want to see the real local underground answer to freak-folk, then here’s your chance to see it all in one spot. PLAN B: Blind Pilot @ The Casbah. I saw not one, not two, but three different women buying the new Blind Pilot record at M-Theory the other day. Indie-folk dudes just found their perfect date night. PLAN C: The Widows, The Old In Out, Killer Dreamer @ Soda Bar. I previously reported that The Widows were a band from L.A. made up of Michael Mazochi and bandmates when, infact, The Widows are a kick-ass punk band from San Diego. Totally, my bad. (see comments below)  BACKUP PLAN: Silent Comedy, Calico Horse, The Union Line @ Anthology

Quick Picks:

The Frontier Brothers @ Andrews Gallery–Great, new gallery in Leucadia with a great, new band from Austin playing. Mix Okkervil River with old-school David Bowie, surround it with great art from Jesse Hensel, and you have the makings for a lovely night in North County.

Black Mamba, The Secret Seven @ Whistle Stop

Transfer @ X1FM Open Door Sessions

Writer, The Knew, Tape Deck Mountain @ Ken Club

Chaz, Misc. Ailments, Save Amos @ Radio Room–The Radio Room’s MySpace site has Wild Weekend playing as well but I don’t think that’s happening. Might want to call the venue.

Crash Encore, Jackson Price, Family Wagon @ Ruby Room

Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Mike Relm, Bukue One, Vokab Kompany @ Canes

Josh Damigo, Alexis Allan, Thomas Ian Nicholas @ Lestat’s–Alexis Allan got a pretty good write-up in the demo review this year and for all you movie buffs, Nicholas was the poor soul who had to go down on Tara Reid in American Pie.

Syndicate, The Secret 6 @ Bar Pink

Leon Redbone @ Anthology

Luminance @ The Loft at UCSD

The Little Things, DJs Gabe Vega and Saul Q @ U-31

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  1. Aaron Pores permalink
    April 10, 2009 - 6:30 pm 6:30 pm

    Hey there, dude. San Diego’s ONLY Widows have been playing in town for coming on four years, and are made up of myself, Max Bristol, Chris Bieck, and Cody Young – not whoever this dude is, who our fair city supposedly molded the talents of. Then again, the commercial support of real underground music is by nature hard to come by, and contradictory to its roots, so I guess I apologize if I am coming off as annoyed, or elitist. I simply am writing to you with the hopes that you will take note of the fact that the real Widows have two records out, on Green Door Records, and have been kicking people’s asses across the stage for twice as long as Drew Barrymore’s supposed favorite new band. You want to know who likes our band? Obviously not anyone more famous than some local low-bro dirt bag, but at least we do not seek credibility through the dated, impotent so-called LA music industry. Please do your research before promoting shows, especially when you want to sound like you have local know-how.

  2. Seth Combs permalink
    April 11, 2009 - 11:09 am 11:09 am

    Hey Aaron. This was totally my fuck-up, so I apologize. I would also add that you should be annoyed at the mistake and there was nothing about your comment that sounded elitist. I’ve made the correction on the blog post and will do the same on the website on Monday. I hope you saw that I was poking fun at the L.A. scene and not saying that you should go check out the band because of it. I hate the fact that so many bands and musicians, once they get a little buzz going here in San Diego, decide to move to L.A. or S.F. or wherever the fuck, to try and get a break. I appreciate what you guys do and for sticking it out in the S.D. scene. I like to think that I have “local know-how,” as you put it, but even the best of us make mistakes. It won’t happen again my friend.

  3. Aaron Pores permalink
    April 11, 2009 - 1:46 pm 1:46 pm

    Thanks for the correction Seth. We did not play last night, I just wanted to make sure you and your readers understood that it was an impostor. This is like the first time our name has been in print in a while, even if it wasn’t for our band, so I’ll chalk it up to professional development! Cheers!

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