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City Hall developer: State interested in sharing new City Hall

April 22, 2009 - 12:33 pm

Toward the end of the meeting today in which the Centre City Development Corporation released new financial figures for a proposed new city hall, Adrian Kwiatkowski, a lobbyist working for Gerding Edlen, the developer working on the city hall proposal, said this:

“We’re talking to the Port and the state about joining in. The state seems to be the most interested.”

Kwiatkowski told CityBeat that Gerding Edlen has been having conversations with several local government agencies to gauge their interest in joining forces to build a new city hall, which would then become a comprehensive government complex. The idea is the vision of outgoing Port Commissioner Laurie Black, who has been championing it behind the scenes. She would like to see the state, which is looking for new offices, the Port and maybe even the county all get together in a single Downtown location.

Now it appears that Gerding Edlen has had at least informal conversations with Black and Port Commissioner Scott Peters on the subject. Kwiatkowski said Peters was intrigued, but not as enthusiastic as Black. He also said they’d spoken with the San Diego Unified School District board members, who decided they preferred to keep their current location. And they spoke with the CB Richard Ellis representative who’s working with the state to find new space to replace its own aging buildings. Kwiatkowski said they were the most interested in the idea.

“But they’re not going to do anything until the city takes action,” Kwiatkowski said. “They’ll believe we’re building a new city hall when they see it.”

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