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San Diego Shows–Thursday, May 14

May 14, 2009 - 6:40 pm

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PLAN A: Extra Golden @ Bar Pink. Half-Kenyan, half-American foursome Extra Golden puts nu-world imperialists Vampire Weekend and other pretenders to shame with an honest, ass-shaking blend of boogie rock and African Benga. PLAN B: Doves @ House of Blues. Probably the best British band that you don’t listen to, Doves have released four excellent albums that approximate what Coldplay would sound like if they actually had balls. Plus, these guys have been around forever in one form or another, so they know their way around a melody. BACKUP PLAN: Cloud Cult, Say Hi, Ice Palace @ The Casbah.

Those douches in Vampire Weekend wish they could play like this:

The new Doves video, “Kingdon of Rust”:

Cloud Cult are pretty catchy:

Quick Picks:

Dreamtiger, Evervess, Melody Guild @ Radio Room

Napes & Snakes, The Zion Laser Strike, The Reverse Cowboys @ Ken Club

DM Progress, M-Double-A-L, Griefshare, Drive By Jones @ Kava Lounge

Japanese Sunday, Marasol @ Soda Bar

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