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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, May 27

May 27, 2009 - 2:15 pm


Our Pick: Beaters, Spirit Photography, Julian Lynch, Mark Lewis @ Soda Bar–If there’s a better tune to come out of San Diego this year than Beaters’ “Fishage,” I certainly haven’t heard it. Put blown-out keys over just about anything and you’ll have me creaming for more, but throw in piles of sinister guitars and awesome gang vocals and I’m suddenly your biggest fan. Overcoming the notoriously difficult sound at the Whistle Stop about a month ago, the three ex-Sess members (and one Powerchord) tore the proverbial roof off the place. Most importantly, drummer Andrew Montoya laid an agile foundation, anchoring a band that seemed to be teetering on the brink of nihilism. That they’re performing with intriguing gloom merchants Spirit Photography, New Jersey home-recording free-spirit Julian Lynch and improvisational sound artist Mark Lewis only gives more incentive to attend. At Soda Bar in City Heights. –Todd Kroviak

On a side note, I ran into Montoya the other night and he so generously gave me a copy of the new track from the other Sess begatten band, Ale Mania,  that he kept stowed away in his sock. The track, “Rampage,” has been spinning in my car on a loop for a few days now and I think I’m finally ready to say unequivocally that I’m over The Sess. Ale Mania and Beaters both have the potential to be not only two of S.D.’s best bands, but the most innovative as well. There’s part of me that wants them to put all their eggs in one basket, but when it all sounds this good, that’d just be stupid. In case you missed it, check out my article I did on them a few months ago here.

Quick Picks (in order of awesomness):

Matt Haeck and the Quiet Light, Joanie Mendenhall, Nighty Night @ Beauty Bar–Joanie Mendenahall is totally my new “standing-around-and-talking-shit-about-bands” BFF.

“Manwhore Wednesdays” @ Kensington Club–We went to check this out just because we were curious about what a “manwhore” night entails. While we didn’t find any Deuce Bigalow wannabes, the night is gaining momentum among the hipster set because DJs Albert Camote and Adam Zerote spin and it includes $2 PBRs all night, which gets any kind of whore running. Sorta gives “hump day” a whole new meaning.

Little Dragon, Genius of Soul, DJ Thumbprint @ The Casbah

“Commune” with Lights On, DJ Andrew Decade @ Bar Pink

Knives, Action Friend, Beat-Less, Volt @ Ruby Room

Veronica May & The To-Do List @ U-31

I Am The Heart Attack, Welcome to Nothing @ Dream Street–For anyone who’s ever accused me of favoritism (and there haven’t been many) let me just say this: My little brother is the singer of Welcome to Nothing and I think his band sucks ass. But I’ll be in O.B. anyway because, just as if he rode the short bus,  I love him anyway.

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