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San Diego Shows–Saturday May 30

May 30, 2009 - 9:17 am


PLAN A: People Under the Stairs @ The Loft at UCSD–Despite what many hip-hop fans originally thought, People Under the Stairs are from L.A., not San Francisco. Sure, they were signed to San Francisco-based acid-jazz label Om Records, and their most well-known track is called “San Francisco Knights,” but PUTS lays claim to its Southern California pedigree at every opportunity. And if I were judging the City of Angels strictly based on the sound of the group’s last three albums—O.S.T., Stepfather and FUN-D.M.C—I’d move there in a second. As much a throwback to hip-hop’s Golden Age as an example of where true-school ethics can take the genre in the future, the duo makes it sound as if they’re holding the best backyard barbecue on the planet 24 hours a day, and there’s plenty of beer and carne asada to go around. –Todd Kroviak PLAN B: Che Underground presents Hair Theatre, Noise 292, The Wallflowers, The Mirrors, DJ P-Man @ The Casbah–Read Will Shilling’s great piece on the Che Underground here. PLAN C: Thread/S.D. CityBeat Summerbeat Party @ Wonderhaus Bakery–The best in local fashion along with bands like Dirty Sweet and The Burning of Rome. BACKUP PLAN: St. Vincent, Pattern is Movement @ The Casbah (starts at 5:30 P.M.)–This modern-day version of Kate Bush kinda gets me hot. Saw her last year at The Casbah and she was fantastic.

QUICK PICKS (in order of coolness):

DJ Claire’s End of the Month Happy Hour Party @ Whistle Stop–Start the night out with Claire’s funk collection while special guests DJs Gabe and Hippoh (of new crew The SDZoo) spin some booty-bouncin’ hip-hop.

Satan Dance Party @ Tin Can Ale House—One of our staffers described this recently renamed bar as “cozy” and “unpretentious,” which may change when this pirate-music version of Devo plays.

Ale Mania @ Ken Club–Have you heard “Ramage” yet? If not, shame on you!

Propagandhi, Bridge And Tunnel, Strike Twelve @ Soma–I used to listen to Propagandhi all the time in high school. I even had a sticker on the back of my ’92 aqua blue Grand AM. Seems Propagandhi was built to last. Not so much with the Grand AM.

Hotel St. George, Fever Sleeves, Team Abraham, Satellite Crush @ Soda Bar

Villains @ El Dorado

Tippy Canoe, Madame Pamita, Zach Lupetin @ Bar Pink

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