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City Hall plans found, and not in the ether, either

June 3, 2009 - 3:56 pm

Apparently, the city had the architectural plans for the City Administration Building. They were just in another department.

Last week, at a City Council’s Rules Committee hearing, Centre City Development Corporation Vice President Jeff Graham told the committee that CCDC hadn’t been able to find the plans anywhere in the Planning Department, where they presumably should have been. City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer issued a plea to “everyone out there listening in the ether” to help find them. Alas, the ether did not produce the plans. Instead, Faulconer aide Chris Cate made a few calls and was able to locate the plans at the San Diego Historical Society, and then also at the city’s Development Services Department.

CCDC needed the plans primarily to determine how much it would cost to do a seismic retrofit on the CAB. Current estimates put the cost in the broad range between $19.6 million and $33.6 million. I’m hoping to hear back from Graham this afternoon.

UPDATE: I just spoke to CCDC’s Jeff Graham who said that he has received a copy of the plans and he’s forwarded them on to DMJM, the engineering consultant working with CCDC on the Civic Center project. Graham said that DMJM looked at the drawings, but that they didn’t change the rough estimate for a seismic retrofit that they’d already provided. Graham said that in order to be more precise the city would have to commission a seismic retrofit plan, an expensive step that is typically only taken when an organization is very serious about actually doing a retrofit. In this case, the city would only be looking to refine it’s cost estimates for staying in the current CAB.

“But we’ll do whatever the City Council asks us to do,” Graham said.

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