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Waring appointment moves forward

June 4, 2009 - 4:33 pm

Back in October, I blogged about a request by three City Councilmembers—Toni Atkins, Jim Madaffer and Scott Peters—that Mayor Jerry Sanders appoint Jim Waring, Sanders’ former housing czar who resigned in 2007, to the San Diego Housing Commission board.

“The mayor’s not going to touch this with a 500-foot pole,” one City Hall source told me.

So much for long poles. On the docket (pdf) for the June 9 City Council meeting is a request from Sanders that Waring—who was, arguably, a scapegoat in the too-tall Sunroad Building scandal—be appointed to the board that of the agency that, among other things, oversees the city’s affordable housing programs.

While Waring’s been described as diplomatic, even by some of his critics, others worry that his interests are too pro-development.  In an e-mail to City Council President Ben Hueso, community activist Jim Varnadore wrote:

For all its warts, the Housing Commission is at least one element of government that isn’t corrupted by crony appointments. It should stay in that condition. You should not cooperate with the Mayor to seat an un-qualified crony, on no stronger basis than to pay him off for his loyalty to the Mayor.

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  1. Just curious permalink
    June 5, 2009 - 9:28 am 9:28 am

    How does Jim Varnadore figure that someone who acted as head of the city’s real estate department is unqualified? Is anyone who doesn’t think the way everyone else on the Commission or who knows something about development make them an “unqualified crony”?

  2. Watcher permalink
    June 8, 2009 - 3:27 pm 3:27 pm

    Waring is more than qualified for the Housing Commission, which badly needs the kind of knowledgable and energetic leadership Waring would provide. Waring was a scapegoat on the Sunroad debacle. He was burned by his own staff, who had approved an upzone on the site long before he showed up, and by the City’s utter lack of a reliable departmental reporting system. If Waring has any weaknesses, it may be his burning desire to find win-win solutions that work for everyone. That will be an asset if he is appointed to the Housing Commission.

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