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Coastal Commission nominees sent to Saramento. All in Bass’ hands now

June 5, 2009 - 12:06 pm

The nomination process has closed for seeing who will occupy San Diego’s seat on the California Coastal Commission currently held by City Council President Ben Hueso.

The nominees are:

  • Ben Hueso, San Diego City Council, incumbent Coastal Commissioner
  • Donna Frye, San Diego City Council
  • Esther Sanchez, Oceanside City Council
  • Keith Blackburn, Carlsbad City Council
  • Anne Kulchin, Carlsbad City Council
  • Steve Castaneda, Chula Vista City Council
  • Carrie Downey, Coronado City Council

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass will make the appointment from this list, or ask for a new list of nominees, within 30 days.

Also, Assembly Speaker Bass’ spokesperson, Shannon Murphy, said Hueso will be allowed to serve as commissioner for 60 days after his term expires. This corrects information she’d given me last week, when she said the seat would be vacant when the commission meets in June.

For some background on this, see my earlier post.

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  1. Watcher permalink
    June 8, 2009 - 3:11 pm 3:11 pm

    Most experienced and qualified candiate: Donna Frye.
    Next most qualified candiate: Carrie Downey.

    Hueso has clearly demonstrated his lack of qualifications and in any case will be too busy running for higher office to give the Coastal Commission job any attention. He’ll just take orders from his developer campaign contributors, the Port Commission and the Convention Center Corp board, and give them anything they want.

    Bass should give Frye the job.

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