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San Diego Shows–Friday, June 5

June 5, 2009 - 2:24 pm


PLAN A: Thirsty Moon Records 4th Aniversary Show feat. Earthless, Astra, The Widows, Red Octopus, Fuck Yeah @ The Casbah–Despite the record industry’s recent failings on just about all levels, the dudes at Thirsty Moon Records in Hillcrest have been keeping the dream alive for four years now. Even in light of their impeccable taste and thorough understanding of deep psych, punk obscurities and all things awesome, the store still doesn’t seem to get the acclaim it deserves. Well, here’s the chance to pay tribute. Thirsty Moon co-owners Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eginton play bass and drums, respectively, for mighty instrumental shred-kings Earthless, who headline the store’s fourth anniversary party at The Casbah. Also playing is the mysterious space-prog quintet Astra, whose performance celebrates the coinciding release of their debut LP, The Weirding. Skate-punk thrashers Widows, hard-psych combo Red Octopus and kitschy butt-rockers Fuck Yeah will add to the festivities. Fellow Thirsty Moon co-owner DJ Jeff McDaniel will even spin rare jams between sets. –Todd Kroviak

PLAN B: Cotton Jones, The Parson Red Heads, Boy Eats Drum Machine @ Bar Pink–Cotton Jones sure does sound like Hazlewood and Sinatra to me, but be sure to read Nathan Dinsdale’s piece on Michael Nau’s (of Page France) new project.

PLAN C: Beaters, Drug Wars, 75 Girls @ Soda Bar–We be lovin’ The Beaters around here.

BACKUP PLAN: Radaid, Letters & Numbers, The Paragraphs @ Ruby Room–If you’re a fan of Si*Se, Sigur Rós or Aterciopelados, then you have to check out electro-rockers Radaid from Guadalajara.

Quick Picks (on order of TGIFeness):

Paddle Boat, Maren Parusel, Black Mamba @ Tin Can Ale House–Three of S.D.’s best bands that join up like Voltron to simultaneously mellow you out (Mamba), rock you out (Parusel), and make you dance (Boat).

The Modlins, Writer, Hot TV @ Whistle Stop–The Modlins are releasing their new CD tonight. Poptastic!

The Blood Flowers, DJs Gabe Vega & Saul Q @ U-31–Thought I was gonna hate em, end up thinking they’re pretty badass.

Alexis Allan, Allie Moss, Chris Velan @ Lestat’s

And finally, if you’re just plain curious like I am:

School’s Out With Mr. Belding @ 207 at the Hard Rock Hotel–If we’re to believe the flyer, it’s a end-of-the-school-year blowout hosted by the principal from Saved by the Bell. Whether or not drunken SDSU students have ever actually heard of the early ’90s show is what we’re going to investigate. Like, seriously.

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