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San Diego Shows–Saturday, June 6

June 6, 2009 - 1:31 pm


PLAN A: Long and Short of It, Tarrakian, GORT @ Soda Bar–They just don’t make ’em like The Long and Short of It anymore. It’s clear from their new album, CAW! An Unkindness of Ravens, that the intense local four-piece isn’t in it for the glory, the money or—judging by the lyrics concerning “homogenous icons” and “matrices bleeding out”—groupie attention. They’re committed to the rock, kids, and like the similarly minded Tarrakian and GORT, they’re also influenced by campy sci-fi, fantasy and all things ’70s. Which is, you know, kinda awesome. If you’re a guy, that is. –Todd Kroviak PLAN B: Art Around Adams @ Normal Heights–Before heading to the Soda Bar, get warmed up by checking out All Leather , MC Flow and The Burning of Rome. PLAN C: Brokenbeat Night feat. The Stove, Disrupter, Breakah, and more @ Kadan–There’s a good reason this monthly night made our Best of San Diego 2008 list. It’s a dance night for the anti-rave set, where a roving cast of actual electronic artists (not some hipster with his iPod) make beats that are good for more than booty bouncing. This night includes trip-hop from The Stove, nasty glitchy-ness from Breakah and video art from Owns One!. BACKUP PLAN: Fashion Whore @ Ruby Room–OK, so just when we were pretty much over this biweekly scenester fest, promoter May Star found a way to drag us back in. There’s a trailer-park-chic theme with a fashion show featuring L.A.’s Sophistafunk Life (who, apparently, is spearheading the tutu as the next hipster fashion trend). DJ Groundfloor is ubiquitous on the club scene for a reason, and $2 well drinks from 9 to 11 p.m. doesn’t hurt, either.

QUICK PICKS (in order of Saturday-night’s-alright-for-fightingness):

Fiesta de Sol feat. Common Sense, Skanic, West Indian Girl, and more @ Solana Beach

Black Mamba, Josh Armistead, Really Big Birds @ Habitat House

The Deere Johns, Diablo Dimes, Caburlesque Kittens @ Beauty Bar

Cash’d Out, Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue, Tornado Magnet, DJ Gonzo @ Belly Up

The Slackers, See Spot, Social Green @ The Casbah

The Peacocks, The Henchmen, The Strikers, The Death Valley Drifters @ Radio Room

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