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San Diego Shows–Friday, June 19

June 19, 2009 - 9:28 am


PLAN A: Pocket @ Whistle Stop–Local four-piece Pocket don’t seem to get a whole lot of credit for their deft fusion of funk, jazz and hip-hop grooves. Yeah, they have a weekly residence at Croce’s Downtown, but, honestly, I doubt that’s going to do much to lower the aggregate age of their fan base. However, they’re known to hit up Whistle Stop every now and then to class the place up a bit, giving hipsters a variety they don’t often experience in their steady diet of millionth-wave garage rock and tallboys of Pabst Blue Ribbon. This stuff isn’t necessarily suited as a main attraction, but it should provide quite the excellent soundtrack to a night of downing cocktails. –Todd Kroviak  PLAN B: Hawnay Troof, BAADD, Ale Mania, DJ Mario Orduno @ Soda BarThis show is awesome enough just with Ale Mania playing, but I didn’t decide to list it until I heard the screetching, ridiculous sounds of BAADD. Sounds like Beefheart in a blender with a casio and a heavy dose of Saturday morning cartoons. My mind was texting “WTF?!” to my penis over and over again. PLAN C: “Vanity” with Lisa The Lush, The Bloodflowers, The Old In Out, DJs C Wizard, Flo @ Beauty Bar–Beauty Bar remains one of the few places you can see some kick-ass local bands and then dance your booty off. This Friday is a pretty good one. The Old In Out and The Bloodflowers tear it up onstage with their Queens of the Stone Age-style rock, followed by DJ C Wizard and Flo. Bonus: A hosted round of Fernet shots at 10 p.m. BACKUP PLAN: Loretta Lynn @ San Diego County Fair–The lady is beyond over-the-hill, but Jack White’s favorite cougar is still singing on-the-porch country songs like she did in the ’60s.

QUICK PICKS (in order of bad-assedness):

Pancakes for Penguin, Your Yellow Dress, The Adams and Eves @ The Habitat

Concrete Project, The Kneehighs, Pyramid, DJ GarGar @ Canes–Great showcase of local hip-hop and local CD release for Concrete Project.

The Creepy Creeps, The Loons, The Omens, DJ Tony the Tyger @ The Casbah

“Feel The Noise” with DJs Gabe Vega, Saul Q @ U-31

The Feelings Mutual, Low Red Land, The Fling, Jalopy Gods @ Radio Room

Tropical Depression, Doves and Desperados, Primitive Noyes @ Tin Can Ale House

The Effort, 7 Generations, Final Fight, Outrage, Touche Amore, Cold Stare @ Che Cafe

The Dan Band @ House of Blues-Turn around, bright eyes… Every fucking day I fall apart

Death On Mars, Desert Diamonds, The Verso @ Ken Club

Candye Kane @ Anthology–A CD release show for the busty, yet ballsy local singer

K’naan, Rootbeer @ Belly Up

Wayne Newton @ Viejas Dreamcatcher–Uh, c’mon, it’s Wayne fucking Newton!

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  1. July 7, 2009 - 1:35 pm 1:35 pm

    the kneehighs make some really dope music. i listen to them all the time. if you know whats up with SD hip hop then you guys should check this out

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