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San Diego Shows–Saturday, June 20

June 20, 2009 - 9:30 am


PLAN A: Digital Leather, Earthmen & Strangers, BRAAIINS! @ Ken Club–It’s ironic that a label best known for its raw, blues-oriented catalog would start releasing albums by Southwestern indie acts, but Fat Possum has defied its precedent by doing so with both Wavves and Crocodiles earlier this year. Next on the label’s list for 2009 is an album by Tucson’s Digital Leather, a synth-heavy, one-man bedroom-recording operation that’s bounced around from dive to dive for the better part of a decade. Devo is a solid reference point for the DL experience, as are some of the more obscure electronically oriented bands that sprang up from the West Coast in the punk aftermath (Screamers, The Units, Nervous Gender). Throw in a ridiculous sex-party vibe, some post-punk brooding, a handful of hooks and fill out the sound with a full band, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. In a good way, though. –Todd Kroviak PLAN B: Nurses, Da Bears, Cuckoo Chaos, Prussia @ Che Cafe–Music-wise, Detroit is synonymous with two things: Motown and rock ’n’ roll. So it’s strange to hear the disembodied echoes permeating Motor City-based Prussia’s dreamy, organic explorations of developmentally disabled doo-wop and pop. This is interesting stuff, far less forced than, and not as immediately agreeable as, the hordes of indie-poppers cutesy-ing their way to recognition. Don’t know if I can say the same for Portland’s Nurses, but since they were just signed by the respectable Dead Oceans imprint, that merits a proper listen, at least. Local youngsters Da Bears and the whimsical Cuckoo Chaos also perform. –Todd Kroviak PLAN C: The US Air Guitar Championships feat. The Cameltones @ The Casbah–Tonight’s the night for a full-on faux-guitar freakout. Check out Dryw Keltz’s great cover article in this week’s issue. BACKUP PLAN: Found Magazine Tour with The Watson Twins, Brett Loudermilk, and DJ Andrew Cohn @ Ruby Room–I love Found magazine! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically an entire magazine of “found” items that people mail in under the premise of WTF is this? (check out the Letterman clip below). They’re touring the mag across the country with the lovely folk of The Watson Twins (remember them from Jenny Lewis’ first solo album) as well as sideshow entertainment from Brett Loudermilk. 

Quick Picks (in order of superbness):

URBANIST Release Party feat. Swim Party @ U-31

Get Back Loretta, The Material, Flight To Athena, Madder Yellow, The Color of Glass @ Soma–A CD release party for local pop-rockers Get Back Loretta. 

Gallery AKA Opening @ Disconnected Salon–Disconnected salon has thrown some great parties showcasing local artists, so it seems only natural that now they’ll also have a gallery inside the salon. The grand opening of Gallery a.k.a. (3830 30th St. in North Park) has all the makings of a great time. The work of spray-paint pop artist Jason Feather, the comic-book-inspired Christy Zaragoza and one-time CityBeat cover artist Kelli Murray will be on display. With free beer from Stone, free wine from Rock Canyon Vineyards and music courtesy of DJ Johnny Tran, the party kicks off at 6 p.m.

“Neon Beat” feat. DJs Junior and Atari@ Bar Pink–Anyone who misses DJ Bart and Atari’s Tuesday-night throw-downs at Bar Dynamite should fret no longer. Not only is it back, but it’s got a new night and a new venue.

Sneaky Sound System @ Spin–I don’t know how these guys are live, but a year ago I was addicted to their Prince circa-Sign ‘O The Times-influenced single “Hip Hip Hooray.” 

Better Class of Flying Man, The Fascination @ Tin Can Ale House

Ghostbird, Republic of Letters @ Ruby Room

Fing, Dead Wasps, Music For Animals @ Soda Bar

Anna Troy, Marasol, Irradio, DJ Lord Nelson @ Beauty Bar

Ben Kweller, Jones Street Station, Local Natives @ House of Blues

“Transport ’80s vs ’90s” feat. DJs Gabe Vega and Saul Q @ Whistle Stop

And finally, if you’re a complete tool this is where you’ll want to go tonight: 

Yanni Voices @ Cox Arena–Yanni shaved his mustache and is now adding vocals to his terrible new-age tripe. Now that’s what I call a perfect Jim Holman date night!

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