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San Diego Shows–Monday, June 22

June 22, 2009 - 10:43 am


PLAN A: Spirit Photography, Fist Fite, You and Me Too @ Soda Bar–Spirit Photography are one of the more exciting bands to come out of the San Diego underground in the past couple years, and during the six-month gap I went between seeing them play, they evolved from a slightly shaky, potentially excellent duo to a must-see act. The addition of bass has given the clanging dual guitars a much-needed low end, effectively tightening the gears while still leaving room for experimentation. While Joy Division and Bauhaus comparisons are inevitable, I’d argue that they’re largely squashed in a live setting, the effect more akin to hearing those residual post-punk echoes filtered through a thousand effects pedals. Support comes from female-fronted Portland synth-mongers Fist Fite and You and Me Too.  –Todd Kroviak  PLAN B: Roxy Jones, Minmae, DJ Red October @ Bar Pink–Minmae used to be a San Diego band before heading up to Portland in the late ’90s. Nine albums in, they hit a career high with last year’s release, 835, but this will be their last tour for awhile. Frontman Sean Brooks is heading to Europe for six months to tour and possible record a new solo record. Check out the article I wrote in this week’s issue. PLAN C: Chairlift, Tropical Depression, The illuminauts @ The Casbah–Yeah, yeah, so Chairlift have that uber-catchy song in the iPod Nano commercial, but as Carissa Casares points out in her article, there’s way more than meets the eye when it comes to these Brooklyn pop-rockers. And I didn’t just use that term because I’m hella crunk about the new Transformers movie.

Quick Picks (on order of mawvelousness):

Musical Pursuit Pop Music Trivia @ Whistle Stop

Lady Dottie and The Diamonds, DJ Jason Weedon @ U-31

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