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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, July 1

July 1, 2009 - 11:20 am


PLAN A: Volts, The Zion Laser Strike, Census @ Radio Room–The scene seems saturated with lo-fi noise these days, but it certainly doesn’t begin or end with Wavves. Volts and The Zion Lazer Strike (both tied for best band name in San Diego) are a couple of newcomers making some serious racket. And I have Todd Kroviak to thank for hipping me to Census, a one-man, mainly instrumental project that jumps from shoegaze drones (“Vindica Arieless”) to ambient walls of sound (“Always Something to Learn”). Good stuff. PLAN B: Knives!, Gran Sasso, The Displaced @ Ruby Room–Knives ! seem to be getting better and better, and while there’s nothing wholly original about their clever mix of old-school punk and garage rock, their live show is kick-ass. And I’m happy to see The Displaced on the bill. In and out of the scene for almost a decade, they’re poppy indie-rock always made me wish that they could find a steady drummer.  BACKUP PLAN: Amazing Baby, Long Live Logos, The Color Of Glass and guests @ The Casbah–Joining the likes of Glasvegas and The Airborne Toxic Event, Amazing Baby have a big buzz and a grandiose sound to match. And these Brooklyn cats aren’t exactly hiding their Brit influences. Their debut, Rewild, is packed full of Pink Floydish diatribes (“Invisible Palace”) and tracks that would fit nicely on some future Nuggets comp (“Headdress”). I swear I here some latter-day Pulp in there as well (“Bayonets”). While there’s a little too much posturing for my tastes (seriously, they look like they’re about to have some peyote-induced hippie orgy with MGMT in the video for “Headdress.” See below), they’ve got major-label distribution in Europe and I reckon they’ll have it in the States before too long. So once they land in the background of some Gossip Girl makeout scene, you can say you saw them way-back-when.

Quick Picks:

DJ Quik, plus special guests @ House of Blues–Check out Todd Kroviak’s If I Were U section this week to see why you should still care about one of the most underrated MCs ever.

Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Auryn , Filth Mattress, Waco Fuck @ Che Cafe

A Happy Freakout, The Can with Orange Coax, Mermaid, Dylan Dornen @ Tin Can Ale House

The Smart Brothers, Syndicate, Westfire, Bedford Grove @ U-31

Rhythm and the Method, Sharon Hazel Township @ Beauty Bar

Iron Butterfly @ San Diego County Fair–Don’t you know that I Iove them, baby!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 7, 2009 - 8:43 pm 8:43 pm

    Volts are cooolest!!

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