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San Diego Shows–Friday, July 24

July 24, 2009 - 2:30 pm


PLAN A: Blue Jungle, Spirit Photography, BRAAIINS!, XYX, Ale Mania @ Soda Bar–I’m a fan of all the S.D. acts on bill, but it’s the out-of-towners that I’m most excited about. Angelenos Blue Jungle know how to butter me up. They sent me their 2008 album, Baby Don’t Cry on vinyl and I can’t stop listening to it. Baby sounds like what the Vivian Girls would sound like had they really been trapped in the hell that was the ’80s (instead of just posturing like they were) or, perhaps, it sounds like the album that we all hoped William Reid and Hope Sandoval would inevitably make. An album that’s both throwback and perfectly in tune with it’s time. If these L.A. hipsters sound a little more than half-drunk throughout the whole goddamn record that only makes songs like “Bombay Sapphire” and “Slap in the Face” all the more perfect for a drunken makeout session. And while a lot of the time Todd Kroviak says “potato” and I say “potato” (that’s what makes us a great team), I think that Ale Mania is the Sess offshoot I like the most (Todd would probably say Beaters). You be the judge which music geek’s opinion holds more water. Oh, and one more thing: Show up early for some crazy post-punk from Nuevo León, Mexico (where the fuck is that?) courtesy of XYX. Think Crystal Castles meets Gang of Four. Seriously, one listen to that build up on “Microvibraciones” and I was sold. PLAN B: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Concern, The Dabbers, Trashcan Fires @ The Casbah–Every band on this bill is worth checking out. It’s hard to believe that I saw Casiotone open for, of all the bands in the world; The Locust, The Rapture and Blood Brothers, at The Scene (remember that place?)  like six or seven years ago. I guess that strangely makes sense, but while those other bands have either jumped the shark (The Rapture). splintered off into crappy side projects (Blood Brothers) or just don’t play out much anymore (The Locust), Casiotone (aka Owen Ashworth) still crafts some weirdly haunting tunes. His newest, Vs. Children, is definitely getting a lot of play on my iPood (yes, I meant to say iPood). PLAN C:Comic Strip! @ Ruby RoomAdvertised as a “burlesque spectacular,” more than half a dozen national dancers are coming out to take off just enough. Photos are encouraged and a dance party with superhero go-go girls will follow the show. Trust me, I saw local dancer Lady Borgia do her Poison Ivy routine (yes, the Batman character) a few years ago, and I’m still itching. BACKUP PLAN: Horror Film Showcase @ El Dorado1134 Films! will be showing off some of its surreal horror flicks, and in case you’re an out-of-towner, this is undoubtedly the coolest bar in the Downtown area if you don’t want to spend a fortune. So, if you blew all your money on vinyl toys, come dance to  DJs Mark E. Quark, as well as reggae performances from Sean Dietrich and Raggatron!

Quick Picks:

Shark Attack @ X1FM Open Door Sessions

G. Love & Special Sauce @ Del Mar Race Track

Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Vermillion Lies @ San Diego Women’s Club–Only in here because it’s a fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Miss Erika Davies, Pant Hoots, DJ Mikey Face @ Whistle Stop

The Modlins, Sister Cities, Anthony Maniscalco @ Tin Can Ale House

Syndicate, The Beautiful View @ Ken Club

Kissing Tigers, None Other, Holiq & Mannyfesto, Sahtyre, DJ Knowledge @ Beauty Bar

Gregory Page @ Swedenborg Hall 

Feel The Noise feat DJs Gabe Vega & Saul Q @ U-31

Pistolera @ The Loft

Glass Candy, Franki Chan, Acid Girls @ Voyeur

Normandie @ Bar Pink

The Chop Tops, The Strikers, Knock ’em Stiff, The Watchmen @ Radio Room

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  1. boo permalink
    July 27, 2009 - 8:54 am 8:54 am

    boo. you write about all the wrong bands.

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