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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, August 26

August 26, 2009 - 9:13 am


PLAN A: The Dirtbombs, The Death Eaters, The Sermon @ The Casbah–If there was a garage rock Hall of Fame, Mick Collins would surely be in inducted or at least on the board of directors. For nearly 25 years, he’s been shaking asses in bands like The Gories, Blacktop and, most notably, The Dirtbombs. The formula doesn’t change that much, but gems like “I’m Through With White Girls” and “Motor City Baby” prove it sure as fuck ain’t formulaic. Wanna know where Jack White got his early inspiration? Just pick up If You Don’t Already Take A Look, The Dirtbombs’ 2005 collection of singles that includes a bonus disc of cover songs. And show up early for The Death Eaters. The local blues brothers have already made quite a name for themselves (and no, that name did not come from fuckin’ Harry Potter) and Sammi Skolmoski profiled them in this week’s issue.  PLAN B: Lee Scratch Perry, Roots Covenant  @ Canes–Seeing Perry at this point is like seeing Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson or James Brown (well, when he used to rock 4th & B). You just have to do it before it’s too late (Perry is 73-years-old, after all). I mean, come on, we’re talking about the guy who created dub reggae and is one of Rolling Stone‘s 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. So blaze one up pre-show and enjoy the man while you still can. PLAN C: Built To Spill, The Prids @ Belly Up–Okay, so I gave them a shot on Monday and I still don’t get the appeal of Built to Spill. Everyone kept telling me, “Oh, you have to see them live to really appreciate them,” but I did and, well, nothing. And I expect even more of the hippie/hipster hybrids (let’s call them hippiesters from here on out) that showed up at The Casbah will show up tonight. So why, again, am I recommending it? The Prids, of course. You can read about my love for them herePLAN D: Skee-Lo, Serel, BMSB, Brothers Through All, Vision, Afghaniston @ O’Connells–Uh, yeah, it’s that Skee-Lo. And yes, he’s playing at O’Connells. Discuss. BACKUP PLAN: San Diego Music Awards Showcase @ 4th & B–Okay, so it’s not the most well-rounded, constructively assembled showcase of local talent, but there’s plenty here to choose from (The Farmers, Circa Now and A Scribe Amidst The Lions are a few highlights), with nearly a dozen nominees playing. Other bands include, Bad Science Fiction, Wendy Bailey, Scelpin, After School Special, Los Hollywood, Dave Humphries, and more to be announced. 


Linnzi Zaorski @ Bar Pink–Again, in case you missed it Jim Ruland did a great piece on this fantastic jazz singer in last week’s issue. Not higher on this list only because Bar Pink isn’t really the optimal venue to enjoy her music.

The Bloodflowers, DJ Adam Salter @ Soda Bar

The Duhks @ Anthology

Veronica May, The To Do List, Ashley Matte, Kevin Sandbloom @ U-31

Silverleaf, Doves & Desperados, DJ Stellar Magnet @ Beauty Bar

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