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San Diego Shows–Thursday, August 27

August 27, 2009 - 11:03 am

Davila666 2

PLAN A: Davila 666, Mannequin Men, Slab City @ Bar PinkSometimes rock en espanol just doesn’t breach the language barrier. For whatever reason I still can’t get into beloved bands like Aterciopelados and Café Tacuba, and I don’ think that I’m alone (am I?). Shit, the closest I’ve gotten lately is picking up that rather underwhelming (again) Mars Volta record and listening to local band Marquez Musica. But on the recommendation of Todd Kroviak, who recommended their show this week in If I Were U, I listened to Davila 666’s “Pa que Vives” on their MySpace site and man, it was great! Catchy garage-punk that gets stuck in your head and makes you dance around in your whitey-tighties (hey, and that goes for the ladies as well). And DEFINITELY get there early for Mannequin Men. Their album, Fresh Rot was one of the highlights of 2007, and I’ve been listening to their new one, Use Your Illusion, Too all week. If you dig the Black Lips, Thee Oh Sees or even old-school Replacements, then check them out. Like milk, they do a body good. PLAN B: SecretFunClub, Rats Eyes, Fkenal @ Tin Can Ale House–Okay, so to that crunchy granola, Birkenstock-wearing hippiester who’ve been coming every night to “The Can” and stinking up the place and doing your little Deadhead dance: Do me a favor. Don’t come tonight. The two-man assault of SecretFunClub and stinky-balls-hardcore of Rats Eyes will totally harsh your mellow. Pleasego back to Winston’s. Thank you. PLAN C: Licensed To Ilya @ The Ruby Room–Like just about everyone else, the members of local bands Geezer and Ilya were mighty bummed when the Beastie Boys had to cancel their Street Scene appearance after Adam Yauch learned he had a tumor in his salivary gland. But rather than lament, the two bands joined forces, dubbed themselves Licensed to Ilya and will play two nights of live Beastie Boys covers to benefit the charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The first is tonight at the Ruby Room, followed by a midnight set on Friday at U-31. BACKUP PLAN: Microphone Mike @ Radio Room–Come on! The guy’s got a songs like “Muffin Top” and “No Pooper, No Scoop Her.” He also bum-rushed the stage at the San Diego Music Awards and doesn’t play out that often. Just check out the video for “If This is Wrong…” and marvel at the brilliance. And remember, DON’T HATE, CONGRATULATE! 


George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic @ Canes–I think the Mothership is running on fumes at this point, but fuck it!

The Warlocks, The Morning After Girls, Gliss @ The Casbah

SECS class (a seduction class for women) and “Grown Folk Shit” with The Grown Folk house band @ El Dorado

“Nobody’s Perfect” with Bency Jiminez and DJs Dr. Indulgent, Alex Villalobos, Shane B Baker @ The Office—There will also be a trunk show from Hunt & Gather

“Night Vision” with DJ Gabe Vega, Adam Salter @ Voyeur

“Expressway To Yr Skull” @ Soda Bar–Hmmm, I wonder who will be there…

“San Diego Music Awards Showcase” @ 4th & B–Leyva, The Fascination, Anna Troy, After School Special, and more.

Lhabia, The Starline Theorie w/ DJ Robin Roth @ Beauty Bar

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