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San Diego Shows–Tuesday, September 1

September 1, 2009 - 2:57 am


PLAN A: Division Day, Bad Veins, LoveLikeFire, DJ Eric G @ The Casbah–A pretty solid lineup from top to bottom. Division Day were one of the few L.A. bands that played during the recent, mostly local North Park Music Thing. And as anyone at Bar Pink that night will tell you they were definitely a highlight. Don’t let their peppy new single, “Chalk Lines,” fool you. Fans of Death Cab and Jason Lytle will surely latch onto the electro-tinged mope-rock of these goth boys all grown up (see the double dose of depressing on “Devil Light” and “Planchette” off their new album, Visitation). The same goes for Bad Veins who manage to mix The Strokes (“Falling Tide”) with a dose of Interpol-esque melancholy (“Gold and Warm”), while also managing to sound way bigger than two guys fuddling about with pedals. Finally,anyone who ever wished that Rilo Kiley would rock out more should definitely check out LoveLikeFire’s debut, Tear Ourselves Away. It’s derivative as all hell, but catchy and aggressive enough to forgive any shortcomings. You can download the single, “Signs” for free here.  PLAN B: Tape Deck Mountain, Manta Rae @ Ken Club–Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it seems like Travis Trevisan and company play shows around town on a daily basis, but think about this: A year from now, after Tape Deck gets dorks like me slobbering in Austin and all the faggy music blogs are shitting themselves and declaring his “mid-fi” indie-rock the best thing since the invention of the internet, don’t you want to be able to trump other hipster declaratives by saying, “Oh, I saw them before at the Ken Club like so long ago. Way before Travis started dating that model and moved to New York.” Okay, so maybe you don’t want to be that asshole but you should still go see Tape Deck Mountain because they’re very good and Pitchfork is already jumping on the bandwagon. Your turn. Read this if you don’t believe me. BACKUP PLAN: The Goddamn Gallows, The StrikersThe Watchmen, Knock Em Stiff @ Radio Room–Don’t get The Goddamn Gallows confused with that buzzed-about bunch of poseurs from England, The Gallows. These guys are a bunch of ugly, scrappy dudes who have pretty much live to play drink, fuck, fight, rock and then pass out in the nearest place that has head support. But it’s not all unchecked aggression. Check out the gypsy-punk tearjerker “Pass Me the Bottle” and you’ll realize, gutter punks have feelings too. Along with rockabilly dudes The Strikers, expect the old Zombie Lounge crowd to be out in full force tonight. 


Strip Mall Seizures, DidimaoMermaid, The Muse Sick @ Soda Bar-The first two bands are some seriously crazy psychedelic-punk of the fuck-all variety. Strip Mall Seizures sound like The Dead Kennedys had Jello Biafra been less concerned with politics and more into taking drugs and making homemade instruments. 

Gayle Skidmore, Rheanna Downey, Josh Hagquist @ Tin Can Ale House

Israel Vibration, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Belly Up

The Pretenders, Cat Power, Juliette Lewis @ Pala Casino

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo” with DJ Miss Liss @ Beauty Bar

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