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San Diego Shows–Friday, September 4

September 4, 2009 - 11:25 am


PLAN A:  Glass Candy, Cold Cave, Desire, Best Coast, DJs Mario Orduno, Sir Charles, Brandon Welchez @ The Casbah–There are going to be a swarm of gorgeous scenester women at The Casbah tonight and almost all of them will be in bands. Cold Cave was amazing last night. One guy at the bar exclaimed, “Wow, this is like Ian Curtis fronting Kraftwerk, except two of the German dudes were replaced by hot chicks!” Quite pedestrian, but fairly accurate. You can read the feature we did on them this week here or what I had to say about them yesterday,  but let’s talk about the others. Frontwoman Ida No of Glass Candy has been at it for well over a decade, crafting guilty sonic pleasures with main collaborator Johnny Jewel. Together, the Portland duo experiment with more genres than Beck, but the danceability of bands like Crystal Castles and the more discorific songs of Blondie is clear throughout. You could think of Best Coast as L.A.’s rebuttal to Wavves. A one-woman, lo-fi bedroom project from Bethany Consentino that is as poppy as it is distorted. If she wasn’t new, and you played her songs for your grandmother, she might think you were listening to old Connie Francis demos. Gets stuck in your head something bad. Todd Kroviak says he saw her play a few months back at the Whistle Stop and that it was kind of “average,” but perhaps she’s fine-tuned a bit since then. Finally, Desire isn’t really bringing anything new to the table but singer Megan Louise might have the best voice of the whole lot. The lyrics are effortlessly simplistic (“Beautiful boys and beautiful girls/Get in the car and let’s see the world”), and the music is almost trifling in it’s derivativeness, but you sure can dance to it. Now, if only scenesters danced… PLAN B: Bartender’s Bible, The Weight @ Bar Pink–Strangely, there’s always been a thin line between punk and country. You’d think that ever since the Sex Pistols played the Longhorn Ballroom in ’78, that the two would have mixed like water and oil from then on. But these days, there’s a host of singers that have swapped one pair of boots for another without losing cred or fans. Ryan Adams, Rocky Votolato, Chuck Ragan, John Doe and Hank Williams III all seem to have made transitions back and forth, and Joseph Plunket ain’t much different. A vet of the Atlanta punk scene, he formed The Weight after rediscovering his love of country music and songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. After a few more moves and finally settling in Brooklyn, The Weight was just picked up by Tee Pee Records and their new album, Are Men, has received raves from everyone from Vice to Prefix magazine. Good stuff. Wear your buckles.  PLAN C: Illuminauts vs. Black Mamba  @ Tin Can Ale House–Sounds great but I wanted to know more. I hit up Black Mamba main man Keith Milgaten on the text and asked him what I should expect. Steel cages? Candyland? Wii? Penis puppetry? His answer: “We are gonna see who can do the best Seth Combs impersonation.” When I replied, “Well, that sounds lame,” he replied with, “Ok, and penis puppetry.” Score. But mainly I think it’s going to be dualing DJ sets from two awesome local bands  PLAN D: The Mars Volta @ Soma–Because no matter how crappy their last three records were, no matter how much I miss At The Drive-In, no matter how many ridiculously unnecesary guitar solos Omar Rodriguez-Lopez rattles off, this is still one of the best live bands you can see nowadays. Unfortunately, they’re playing one of the worst venues in both sound and sight. Hit up Black Anus, uh, I mean Angus, for happy hour. Then, right before the show, hot box the shit out of your car and walk in right before they play. You might not remember it later, but you’ll thank me. BACKUP PLAN: North Park Awesome Fast @ Soda Bar and Radio Room–Only the backup plan because it’s sold the fuck out. If you know someone who has an extra ticket, then give them a fat kiss (maybe even toss their salad), and consider this your PLAN A. Check out Jim Ruland’s piece from this week’s issue. It’s, uh, awesome. 

Glass Candy performing “Miss Broadway” live. Photo above by Josh MG.


Japanther, Ninjasonik, Volts @ Che Cafe

The Pharcyde, Rare Form Live, The Habit, Brendan B. @ Canes

The Dabbers, Lion Cut, DJ Night Rocker @ Whistle Stop

Betty LaVette @ Anthology (two shows)

Felix Da Housecat, Virgin Tears, JK DJs @ Voyeur

Swim Party @ Subtext Art Opening

Los Hollywood, Point Loma (Bostich of Nortec Collective) @ Beauty Bar

The Styletones @ X1FM

“Feel the Noise” with DJs Gabe Vega & Saul Q@ U-31

DJ Saul Q @ El Dorado–Not sure how Saul is doing both (see above). Perhaps he cloned himself. 

“Soul Kiss” (women in Hip-Hop) @ Kadan Club

“Overtime” with DJs Beatnik, Mr. Mention @ The Office

Pete Yorn @ Del Mar Race Track

“Jazz Guitar Night” feat. Mundell Lowe, Bob Boss, & Jaime Valle, with Rob Thorsen bass & Duncan Moore drums @ Dizzy’s

“Recession Session” feat. Stone Senses, Desert Diamons, Shaun T Morgan @ Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub

Johnny Winter, Hill Country Review, Anna Troy Band @ Belly Up

Will & The Highrollers @ Ruby Room

DJ Ratty @ Bluefoot

DJ Ikah Love @ Bar Dynamite

Electric Waste Band @ Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge

Bob Wier with RatDog, Jackie Greene @ Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay

And if you’re a complete douche, you’ll be here tonight:

DJs Colleen Shannon (Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Playmate), Mike Palmeiri @ 207 (Hard Rock Hotel)–You can read all about my first encounter with the “world’s sexiest DJ” here. 

DJ Felli Fel with Tila Tequila @ On Broadway

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