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Convening like rabbits

October 28, 2009 - 2:08 pm

753px-Rabbit_meatStarting Nov. 1, bunny-lovers from across the nation will meet at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the 86th American Rabbit Breeders Association Convention and Show.

This could be bad news for the environment, as a recent study published in New Scientist reported that pets are often more detrimental to the environment than cars:

…the Land Cruiser’s eco-footprint is about 0.41 hectares – less than half that of a medium-sized dog.

…cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares (slightly less than a Volkswagen Golf)

….hamsters come in at 0.014 hectares apiece (buy two, and you might as well have bought a plasma TV) and canaries half that. Even a goldfish requires 0.00034 hectares (3.4 square metres) of land to sustain it, giving it an ecological fin-print equal to two cellphones.

and as for rabbits, the author Robert Vale says:

Rabbits are good, provided you eat them.

The rabbit show could also be great for the environment as officials in Sweden have announced they are using dead bunnies to fuel a heating plant in Stockholm:

Last year marked a new record for Stockholm’s rabbit cull, with nearly 6,000 rabbits, mostly from Kungsholmen, being removed from Stockholm’s parks.

But rather than simply disposing of the dead rabbits, the city instead froze them for eventual transport to a special heating plant in Karlskoga in central Sweden, where the bunny bodies are then burned as a form of bioenergy.

Another creature breeding like rabbits are PR flacks, and they, too, will be in town in November. The Public Relations Society of America’s 2009 International Conference runs Nov. 7 – Nov. 10 at the convention center.

According to the Council of Public Relations Firms, as of September 2009, 34 percent of PR consultancies reported more new business, while 46 percent said business was holding steady.

CityBeat assumes the carcasses of public relations representatives would also be a good source of renewable energy.

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