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San Diego Shows-Wednesday, Nov. 25

November 25, 2009 - 2:32 pm

PLAN A: Japandroids, Surfer Blood @ The Casbah (early show-7:30 p.m.). Canadian fuzz-rockers Japandroids have had a pretty good year on the strength of their debut, Post-Nothing (check out CityBeater Sammi Skolmoski’s cool article about them), but it’s worth showing up extra early to this early-evening show for Surfer Blood (above)—south Florida youngsters that somehow combine ’60s good vibrations, garage-rock and even Dinosaur Jr.-style indie rock into something all their own. Expect them to be headlining this time next year. PLAN B: The Old In Out, Shapes of Future Frames, Sus Hijos @ Radio Room. Sweaty garage-rockers The Old In Out have proven to be one of the hardest-working bands in the local scene (check out some of that cool video below). Both opening bands feature members from the headliner, and judging by the Future Frames show I saw a month ago (featuring Gary Hankins from Scarlet Symphony on vocals), these guys know how to spread the talent equally. PLAN C: Linnzi Zaorski @ Bar Pink. For those of you who want a more mellow Thanksgiving Eve experience, check out this gorgeous jazz chanteuse from Louisiana.We did a story on her not too long ago (you can read it here) and I’ve been thanked by many a person for turning them on to her. Hopefully, the True North douche runoff will stay in their designated douche areas. BACKUP PLAN: Immovable Objects, The Hundred Days, Mexico City Rollers @ Ruby Room. I have a feeling every San Francisco hipster worth his fixed-gear mettle shuns The Hundred Days for sounding just a bit too much like The Killers and U2. Don’t be afraid. Pop wants to be your friend.


Rifat Ziadeh @ Voyeur. The last time this guy gigged at Voyeur, he played an electro remix of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing.” I didn’t really know I wanted to hear that until I did.

“My, What Big Cans You Have” feat. DJ DeVoy @ Side Bar. OK, OK. Despite the name and the location, this is a pretty cool event for a Wednesday night. They’ll have a hosted bar from 9 to 10 p.m. for anyone who brings in two canned food items for local food banks, and DJ DeVoy will be on the wheelz of steelz. If anything, a fantastic and altruistic way to start the night before heading to…

“Jivewire” @ The Casbah. This every-month-or-so dance party featuring DJ Atari is probably the only night when non-scenesters are tolerated and Casbah bartenders have to make something more complicated than a vodka and tonic. In any case, it’s sweaty, it’s dank and if you can’t hook up here, then you must not be a good dancer.

“Fall/Winter Drink Menu Unveiling” @ El Dorado. The El-D wants some feedback on their new cocktail menu and everything on the list (and there are some goodies–check out the menu here) is only $5 all night long. The “Buster Brown” certainly caught my eye.

DJs Gabe Vega, Adam Salter, Saul Q, Shark Attack @ Beauty Bar

Café Tacuba @ House of Blues

DJ Mario Orduno @ Whistlestop

Buckfast Superbee (acoustic show) @ Vin de Syrah

The Dickies, Systematic Abuse @ Brick by Brick

Buck-O-Nine, Skanic, High Tide @ Belly Up

The Stalins of Sound, 357 Magnum, Chango Rey @ Ken Club

“Commune Wednesdays” @ Soda Bar

“Broke $oul Night” feat. DJs Selectakon, Cota Pop @ Tin Can Ale House

Eve Selis, Tim Flannery @ Anthology

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