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San Diego Shows–Saturday, November 28

November 28, 2009 - 9:09 am

PLAN A: Ojos Rojos, Sidro Punks @ Soda Bar. Throw in some cool pedals, a few epic solos and just about any band can call themselves “psychedelic.” But Claremont, California’s Ojas Rojos have a refined take on the genre that can appeal to Explosions in the Sky and Black Angels fans alike (check out the video below). And will someone please hook up locals Sidro Punks with a good producer (seems they already have the good ’shrooms hook-up). If that happens, they’ll be opening for Earthless in Amsterdam in no time. (Interesting side note: Before going to press with the recent issue, I contacted Ojos Rojos via their gmail account for a picture of the band. On Tuesday night, hours after we’d already put the issue to bed, I received a rather troubling email from Ojos drummer/vocalist George Serrano wondering why I needed a picture of the band since they had no San Diego dates scheduled. After a heavy amount of self-chastising–not to mention some from CityBeat Editor David Rolland–I was all set to run a correction on this blog when I received another email frim Serrano explaining that the band were, indeed, playing at the Soda Bar. Apparently there was some confusion amongst the band members and what’s more, Serrano went on to say that if I hadn’t emailed them they would have forgotten to drive down. So, if you go to this show and enjoy yourself, then buy a brother a beer. The band already owes me one). PLAN B: NROTB, Deth Hertz, Mr. White @ Voyeur. Electro from French Canada? The thought would usually make me cringe, but NROTB bring it. BACKUP PLAN: The Transit War, Spell Toronto, The Strangers Six @ The Casbah. After The Casbah hosted all those epic reunion shows last January, this one might be a little anticlimactic. I wasn’t really a fan of any of these bands in their so-called heyday (which was, like, what, two years ago?), but if you like pop rock with a bit of edge, this is your show. Check out Sammi Skolmoski’s interview with Transit War drummer, Brad Bohensky, to find out what the boys have been up to. (This show is sold-out so you might want to hit up Craigslist)

Other cool stuff:

Weapons of Mass Production @ Thumbprint Gallery. You often see it illegally pasted on building walls, but you don’t often catch stencil art displayed in galleries. However, North Park’s Thumbprint Gallery (2637 University Ave.) looks to change this withWeapons of Mass Production. From 6 to 10 p.m., some of San Diego’s best street artists will display intricately designed works using multiple mediums like spray paint and pencil. Artists include Jason Gould and Brent Takayama, but most use aliases like Grandlarsen and Apax lest the po-po find out who they really are.

Out.skirts feat. DJs Shine, Bassmechanic, Matsu, Ubuvwill @ Mainline Building. Approximately 42 percent trade show, 58 percent rave: that’s how curator Alana Sills and graphic designer Chris Elliman (aka Sanctuary & Xompany) are filling the 7,000-foot venue space at the Mainline Building (1676 Main St., Barrio Logan) on Saturday, Nov. 28. If all goes according to plan, five hours of independent art and fashion marketplace (5 to 10 p.m.) will be followed by seven hours of progressive house with and a “massive” light show (10 p.m. to 5 a.m.).CityBeat’s 2009 Best Neighbor, Jocelyn Duke, will showcase some of her character art (be sure to ask her about “winkies”). Tickets are $5 before 10 p.m., $10 after that. 

DJ Rap @ On Broadway. She was all the rage back in the late ’90s when even your mama knew what drum-n-bass was. Then Rap started singing Big Sonic Chill-suited trip-hop, and we all sighed. But, judging by her new material, she’s found a make-out worthy middle ground between hard breakbeats and sexy ambiance. 

Danger in Wonderland @ Kava Lounge. Considering it’s in its second season, I guess I’m not the only one who watched For the Love of Ray J. Yeah, I admit it. VH1 reality/dating shows are a bit of guilty pleasure. And if there’s one girl that stood out on the first season it was almost certainly “Danger,” who lived up to her name by pretty much going off her meds as soon as cameras started rolling. She threatened to kill other girls while on the show, has a tiger tattooed on her face (think Mike Tyson) and recently revealed (wait for it) that she was a prostitute in a past life. And I have a big crush on her. Fuck it. Don’t judge me. I would totally go on her upcoming spinoff show and try and win her crazy-ass. Anyway, she’s displaying some of her art tonight around 6 p.m. It includes canvas paintings, wood paintings, custom sneakers, glass pieces and body art. Call to RSVP: 619-320-8483. Oh, and by the way, I still have no idea who the fuck Ray J is or why girls want to love his midgety ass. 

Apes of Wrath, Shark Attack (live band), DJs Bob Dazzla, Jan & Cory @ Beauty Bar.

DJ Claire @ Whistle Stop. (5 to 8 p.m.)

Gilbert Castellanos & Graham Dechter @ Dizzy’s@San Diego Wine & Culinary Center.

Cash’d Out @ Winston’s.

David Gray, Tyrone Wells, A Fine Frenzy @ The Abbey.

Genius of Soul, J-Natural @ The Office. 

Tiltwheel, Sunnyside, Breaker Breaker One Niner, Turkish Techno @ Tin Can Ale House.

“Red, Hot & Cool” feat. DJs Trevor Young, Charlie Rock @ Bar Pink.

The Cured, Rio, Long Duk Dong @ Belly Up.

Into The Presence, Suicide Chords, Transit Studio @ Ruby Room.

Ojos Rojos photo by Margeaux Bestard

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