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San Diego Shows–Friday, Dec. 4

December 4, 2009 - 10:51 am

PLAN A: Girls, The Morning Benders @ The Loft. Despite having what has to be the most un-Google-able  band name and album title (Album) ever, San Francisco’s Girls have made every critic’s shortlist (mine included) for debut of the year. Sounding like a pre-pubescent Elvis Costello with Asperger’s Syndrome, frontman Christopher Owens channels his tumultuous life (religious cults, homelessness) into genre-hopping pop songs that are as infectious as they are heartbreaking. Check out my interview with Owens here. (Update: Just got wind that this show is sold-out). PLAN B: Baroness, Earthless @ The Casbah. In the world of alt-metal or hipster-metal or whatever the hell you want to call it, Savannah, Ga., headbangers Baroness (above) are shamefully ignored amongst peers like Mastodon and The Sword. Their new long-player, Blue Record, has already been declared “album of the year” by Decibel magazine for its mix of proggy riffs and psychedelic dirges. Think I don’t know that the fuck I’m talking about? Check out the article in the new Spin about the Savannah metal scene. PLAN C: Che Cafe benefit show with Blessure Grave, Beaters, No Paws (No Lions), The Preteens. For whatever reason, every time I listen to local lo-fi doom duo Blessure Grave, I get this vision of Sofia Coppola and Chloe Sevigny sitting around in their underwear drunkenly eating cheeseburgers Hasselhoff-style. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. And have you heard the new Beaters song? Gold! BACKUP PLAN: Dirty Legs, Hocus @ Soda Bar


The Glossines, The Old In Out @ Whistle Stop.

“Toys for Tots Benefit” with The Color of Glass, Inspired Flight, The New Archaic @ Queen Bee’s. $8 without toy, $5 with.

“Hairspray & High Heels” @ On Broadway. An ’80s-themed party for the ninth (!) anniversary of the original Gaslamp über-club will also serve as a toy drive for charity. We’re not sure if the fact that Mini KISS is playing (a midg-, uh, little-person take on the ’70s rockers) will attract more of the Downtown douche crowd or not, but, hey, it’s for a good cause.

Dead Man’s Party, Blasphemous Guitars @ Belly Up.

Tom Russell @ Acoustic Music San Diego.

The Beautiful View @ Ken Club.

Tori Roze and the Hot Mess, Bryan Bangerter, Meaghan Maples @ Tin Can Ale House.

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