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San Diego Shows–Friday, Dec. 18

December 18, 2009 - 7:49 am

PLAN A: Lights On, Sunday Times, Shapes of Future Frames @ Tin Can Ale House. It’s a post-punk party, and there’s not a bad band on the bill. Lights On (above) are getting mad large with everyone from Brooklyn Vegan to MTV showing them love. Seriously, check them out in a small venue while you still can (see video below). PLAN B: Bobby Fantasy, Eliza Rickman, Asa Ransom @ Ruby Room. Seems like a strange pairing for new-wave glam locals Bobby Fantasy to be playing with balladeer Eliza Rickman and her toy piano (see Paul Saitowitz’s story on her in this week’s issue), but I can certainly think of stranger combos (I just saw a picture of Blake Lively spooning Alan Arkin, ewww). And definitely show up early for Asa Ransom (or at least check them out tomorrow at Soda Bar). Carefully treading the line between danceable post-punk, minimalist new-wave and the African rhythms all those white-boy bands (see: Vampire Weekend, Fool’s Gold, etc.) are stealing these days, the NY-based have released two under-the-radar EPs that garnered some spins on BBC radio and write-ups in NME. The Brits love it when they scoop the American music press, and, in this case, they got it right before we did. PLAN C: Queenly, Cats from Japan, D Pain @ The Casbah. The Queen tribute band is one thing, but definitely show up for Cats from Japan. It’s the surprisingly catchy new nu-new-wave project from First Wave Hello’s Eric Flynn and Demasiado’s Jon Plotrowski that killed it when they played at Voyeur. Think a dark but danceable mix of The Faint and Duran Duran. BACKUP PLAN: Loco Dice, Alain de Saracho @ Voyeur. Loco is a Düsseldorf-bred, Brooklyn-based house DJ that has a way of blending blips, bleeps and beats into something that’s both danceable and relaxing. This isn’t the place to be if you wanna go nuts on the dance floor, but it is the place if you want to make googly eyes at the hottie dancing with you. 


“The Picture Show” @ West Coast Tavern: Though we’ve had the technology to make films in color for, like, more than 70 years, there’s still something so entrancing about the simplicity of a black and white film. You must admit, movie stars of the time spawned classic styles that are still around today (fedoras and trench coats come to mind). As part of a Fashion Show Production course, students from the Art Institute of California-San Diego relied on their skills in networking, design and marketing to organize The Picture Show, a fashion show featuring looks inspired by films from the 1920s though the 1940s. Stop by West Coast Tavern at 9 p.m. to see how well they did. Proceeds from ticket sales go to Jeans4Justice, a nonprofit that partners with designers to advocate against sexual violence.

Ms. Formaldehyde’s Holiday Trunk Show” @ Tower Bar: This holiday trunk show features handmade gifts by local artists for $5 and up plus a raffle, drink specials and live music. Beats a trip to the mall.

Writer, Black Mamba @ Whistle Stop. 

Moonshake with Mark E Quark @ Kadan Club.

Shining Through, Jesse Shannon, Meseta, Tree River and Ameros @ Che Café.

The Styletones @ Bar Pink.

John Wayne Gacy Daycare @ Soda Bar.

The Debonaires, The Amalgamated, Fire Corner Sound System @ Radio Room. 

Songs of Peace IV @ Swedenborg Hall: Folkey Monkey presents this concert to benefit The Peace Alliance’s efforts to establish a cabinet level U.S. Dept. of Peace. With performances by: Joe Rathburn, Peter Bolland, Mountain Ghost James Lee Stanley and more.

The Feelings Mutual, The Color Turning, Helen Earth Band CD release @ Beauty Bar.

Sprung Monkey, Electric Dynamite, Monkeys in Space @ Brick by Brick

Molotov Solution, Seconds From Disaster, Murder Death Kill, Theres No Heroes, Forever Ends Now, Jeremiah Johnson, Disposable Being, As They Burn Alive @ Epicentre.

Moonshake with Mark E Quark @ Kadan Club.

Photo of Lights On by Deb Caponera

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