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San Diego Shows–Monday, Dec. 21

December 21, 2009 - 7:16 am

PLAN A: Downs Family, C.L.A., Behind the Wagon @ The Casbah. And here you thought you’d never get to see O.G. San Diego alterna-rockers C.L.A. after they played that reunion gig back in January. Well, the band—who once rocked the rooftop of The Casbah’s predecessor, The Pink Panther, more than 20 years ago—is back for more, but, really, we’re not promising that this won’t be the last show ever. BACKUP PLAN: Cremation Studies, Lilith Velkor, A Seahorse @ Soda Bar. First show ever from the one man force behind Nothingful (see cool little video below). Judging from the instrumentals on MySpace page, sounds like it’s worth checking out. 


POINSETTIA BOWL BATTLE OF THE BANDS. Marching bands and spirit squads from each of the competing universities in the Poinsettia Bowl face off in a musical showdown on Fifth Ave.

The Styletones @ Bar Pink.

Timonthy B Schmit (The Eagles), Jack Tempchin @ Belly Up. 

Downs Family photo by Cherry Bomba

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