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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, Dec. 30

December 30, 2009 - 7:51 am

PLAN A: The Dabbers, Lion Cut, Street of Little Girls @ The Casbah. Sometimes musical couples can make glorious noise together (see: Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac, early White Stripes), and sometimes we wish they’d just break up (Captain & Tennille). Luckily, The Dabbers (above) fall into the former category. The local duo have surpassed the usual side-project disposableness by crafting a fuzzed-out indie-pop album (I Was Like, and They Were All) that’s as fun as it is artful. Check out the video below or Sammi Skolmoski’s great feature on them if you don’t believe me. PLAN B: Anthony Green, Good Old War @ SOMA Sidestage. Anthony Green is the singer of god-awful emo band Circa Survive, but his recent solo material has been pretty decent. Why? Because he’s had Philly folkies Good Old War backing him up. They may be marketing themselves to 14-year-old girls who love to sing along to every song, but the music can appeal to anyone with an appreciation for three-part harmonies and earnest vocals (see video below). SCENE WOLF PICK: Chris Garcia, Tara Brooks @ Voyeur: Garcia has a residency at Drais in Las Vegas, and while his house remixes aren’t exactly mind-blowing, they get the job done. That is, if said job is getting the ladies to dance all sexy-like. I’ve seen videos. 


“Rock Odyssey” @ 4th & B. The high kicks, spandex and neon absurdity contained in just one Van Halen music video shows how the ’80s were no less outrageous than, say, a circus. At 4th & B, the decade that glorified high-haired glam rock will unite with local circus performers for one radical spectacle called Rock Odyssey. Late-’80s cover band Lipstick n Leather will rock as local groups including Aerial Monster, Valentina and the Hoop Unit and a handful of other independent artists perform. The night will combine acrobatics, contortion, juggling and aerial stunts with ’80s cheese—just the way David Lee Roth always wanted it.

Hocus, Privatized Air, Ghosts in the Graveyard @ Beauty Bar.

Casual Encounter, Brother Nature, Broken Dreams, Peligro @ Kava Lounge.

The Humans @ Soda Bar.

DJ SelectaKON, Cota Pop @ Tin Cal Ale House. 

Josh Damigo @ Lestat’s.

Photo of The Dabbers by Sade Williams


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  1. December 31, 2009 - 7:27 am 7:27 am

    Jan. 2nd – Joey Harris and the Mentals @ the Royal Dive Bar – Oceanside w/ the Shamey Jays 9pm
    2949 San Luis Rey Rd Oceanside, CA 92058

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