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San Diego Shows–Monday, Jan. 4

January 4, 2010 - 9:07 am

PLAN A: Addiquit, Microphone Mike, D-Pain, Sex Mannequin, Grammatical B @ The Casbah. If San Diego has anything resembling an indie hip-hop scene, then you can catch most of its major players all in one swoop here. Addiquit’s “Take U Home” was one of my favorite local singles of the year (see sample video below, but also check out the article I did a few months back), and Mic Mike is always entertaining (check out Enrique Limon’s piece we did on him for our April Fool’s issue), but definitely try to catch the live debut of Grammatical B. Tracks like “Do Fries Come With that Walk of Shame?” prove Ben Johnson’s got lyrical skills that extend past his wailing with local metal gods The Long and Short of It. BACKUP PLAN: The Styletones @ Bar Pink. 


Kill Bill, Vol. 1 @ Birch North Park Theater. Feet, guns, swords, torture, Uma Thurman, kung fu, the N-word, Uma Thurman’s feet: Who else could we be talking about but Quentin Tarantino? Once a week in January, the Birch North Park Theater will screen films by the man who made a career out of making film-nerd porn. Kill Bill Vol. 1 screens tonight, Inglourious Basterds on Jan. 11, Pulp Fiction on Jan. 18 and Reservoir Dogs on Jan. 25, which, totaled up, comes to just short of 600 f-bombs, or 1.15 f-bombs per minute.

Blackout Party @ Riviera Supper Club.

Lady Dottie and The Diamonds @ U-31.

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