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San Diego Shows–Friday, Jan. 8

January 8, 2010 - 7:26 am

PLAN A: Candyflip, Apres Fellini, Shines Like Gold, Raptor, Batwings Catwings @ Beauty Bar. What an eclectic cast this is. From Salinas, Calif., Candyflip (above) play cool, grandiose psychedelic rock that sounds like Caleb Followill backed by Mars Volta’s rhythm section. Batwings Catwings are L.A. Fugazi-type screamers, while Vegas electro act Raptor and local DJ brothers Apres Fellini provide the post-band beats. PLAN B: The Western Set, Dark Horse Candidates, Taming the Fox @ Tin Can Ale House. Locals Western Set channel the best parts of the old Bakersfield sound made famous by Merle Haggard and Buck Owens, while fans of Taken By Trees and vintage Parsons / Harris duets will want to check out Dark Horse Candidates. PLAN C: The Mashtis, Lessons From Zeke, Golden Red, Simeon Flick @ Ruby Room. The Mashtis is the new project from local singer-songwriter Itai Faierman, who took a four-year hiatus from music. Judging by the two songs on their new release, he hasn’t lost much of his ability to craft heartfelt indie-pop. And show early for the lovely, sing-along country stylings of Golden Red. Don’t bother with Simeon Flick. BACKUP PLAN: Pete Escovedo Orchestra @ Anthology.


Phase Space @ Athenaeum Music and Arts LibraryWe were super-impressed with Sally Hagy-Boyer’s work when we saw it in 2006 in the group show Dialogues at UCSD. Now, the San Diego artist will showcase her new show at the Athenaeum’s main gallery, starting with an opening reception from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Balancing autobiography with a love of whimsical art and scientific diagrams, Hagy-Boyer takes deconstructed memories of her childhood and lays them out in the form of maps and statistical charts. The result, looking like something you’d possibly see on a Radiohead album cover, is both deductive and exact, yet personal and unpredictable.

Wild Wild West Show @ Scott White Contemporary ArtDeborah Oropallo was born in the right place (New York) at the right time (1954) to nurture a pop-art aesthetic. For her new exhibit Wild Wild West Show, the artist—who most recently “feminized” 17th- and 18th-century portraits of powerful men (with those silly wigs and tight pants, what did they expect?)—manipulated advertising images of rodeo cowgirls. She cranked up the color, added a western-themed background and then removed the girls. The result is a series of disembodied costumes that walk a fine line between female sexual power and objectification. Oropallo will be on hand at a reception from 6 to 8 p.m.

Derik Faith films @ Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery. Let us remind you: Great films aren’t always two hours long or made in Los Angeles or New York. Just last year, San Diego State University grad student Destin Daniel Cretton won a U.S. Jury Prize at Sundance for his short film Short Term 12. It’s become evident that San Diego has a burgeoning film scene. Knowing this, the folks at the Escondido Arts Partnership Municipal Gallery will host a screening night featuring experimental short films made by San Diegans. At 7 p.m., the gallery will highlight the work of local filmmaker Derik Faith, whose films are like “Tim Burton and Fellini meeting on a beach in the 1920s,” as gallery executive director Wendy Wilson puts it. Yeah, that got our attention, too. The screening is free, and you can buy pizza and drinks. 

The Fascination, Vinyl Fim, Bella Novela, The RnRs @ Radio Room.

Miles Dyson, Lazy Rich, Anthony Ross @ Voyeur.

Pocket @ Bar Pink.

Big Sandy and His Flyrite Boys, Smith’s Ranch Boys, Brawley. @ The Casbah.

Youth Envy, Introspect @ Soda Bar.

DJ Grandmasta Rats @ El Dorado.

Stealing Love Jones @ Hensley’s Flying Elephant.

Candyflip photo by Travis Geske

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