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San Diego’s favorite canines: German shepherd bumps off wiener dog

January 27, 2010 - 11:22 am

u dis me  now i haz long faceThe American Kennel Club has released its analysis of San Diego’s most popular dogs and, once again, the Labrador retriever and bulldog prove to be the city’s top two favorites.

The next three slots have, however, changed. In 2008, San Diego’s third, fourth and fifth favorite dogs were the Yorkshire terrier, the golden retriever and the dachshund, respectively.

This year, the golden came in third, the Yorkie fourth and the dachshund was bumped off and replaced by the German shepherd for fifth.

The Kennel club found the bulldog particularly noteworthy, saying:

The Bulldog is a favorite in California, perhaps due to celeb owners such as Adam Sandler, Kelly Osborne and John Legend. The breed reached the top spot in Los Angeles, the only city where it currently reigns as number one. The wrinkled pooch nearly reached the top in San Diego as well, coming in at the 2nd spot.

With the exception of the bulldog, San Diego’s top breeds reflect the overall national trend. In 2009, the US liked: the lab (#1), the German shepherd (#2), the Yorkie (#3), the golden retriever (#4) and the beagle (#5).

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