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San Diego Shows–Friday, Feb. 12

February 12, 2010 - 8:48 am

PLAN A: Earthless, Moonbeams, The Kabbs, Psychedelic Priest, Fuck Yeah, Brainticket DJs @ Dream Street. Sometimes a show slips under your radar and you find yourself kicking yourself that you didn’t do your job more thoroughly. That being said, I’m changing my original Plan A from this week’s issue because I’ll definitely be in O.B. tonight. If you’ve never seen Earthless before, then you owe it to yourself to see why CityBeat’s Todd Kroviak declared them the “best rock band in San Diego.” I’ve only seen them once and I have to say that I agree. PLAN B: Venus Bogardus, Pteradacdudes, Lenguas Largas @ Soda Bar. CityBeat staff writer extraordinaire Dave Maass recently described Santa Fe, N.M., as a place filled with retirees and yuppies. Well, how do you explain Venus Bogardus? They’ve got down-pat the co-ed noise of Sonic Youth and the youthful, post-punk bounce of The Prids, which, I’m guessing, is all the rage in Santa Fe retirement homes.PLAN C: Lualta, Lights On, Wake Up Lucid @ Beauty Bar. It’s great to see local indie-rockers Lualta back together, and this show marks the release of their first album in more than half a decade. Along with the other two bands, it should make for an ear-ringing show. BACKUP PLAN: Magic 92.5 Valentine’s Love Jam @ Viejas Arena.


Yard Dogs Road Show @ The Casbah. A 13-member self-described “hobo cabaret” that looks like a troupe of extras from Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe who forgot to change out of their psychedelic costumes before auditioning for roles in Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. They promise a “fantasy fulfilling” musical circus featuring astronauts, rabbits and golden-winged goddesses who dance the burlesque, swallow swords and hammer out the rock ’n’ roll. Usually when an act hits The Casbah, the scenester grapevine lets CityBeat know whether it’ll be awesome or sucksville. This time—9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 12—the hipsters are still whispering, “What the hell is it?” 

Temptation 6 @ India Street Gallery. Most people need a little support in their creative ventures, and artists are no exception. Some may prefer working alone, but there are plenty who find collaborating and supporting one another as a group the way to go. Last fall, six San Diego artists, including Brenda York and Maite Benito Agahnia, decided to form the group ART6 as a means to support and motivate one another. Their first show, Temptation6, features Valentine-themed works that will later be auctioned, with the proceeds benefiting ArtReach, a charity that sends working artists into schools to teach art to students. The opening reception will be from 6 to 9 p.m. at the India Street Gallery (2165 India St. in Little Italy); the exhibition runs through Feb. 15. 

Dubfire, Davide Squillace, Carlo Lio @ Voyeur.  Kudos to Voyeur for landing DJ Dubfire, who practically reinvented progressive techno as one half of Deep Dish. It’s IDM that even dummies can dance to.

Murs, Dead Prez, Phife Dawg @ 4th & B

Street of Little Girls, Primitive Moves, Paper Forest @ Tin Can Ale House.

Clorox Girls, Braaiins!, Neon Dick @ Tower Bar.

The Dark Horse Candidates, Kera and The Lesbians, Royal Campaign, Eliza Rickman @ Ruby Room.

DJ Gabe Vega @ U-31.

Club Pussy Galore @ Whistle Stop.

Earthless photo by Damon Way. 

Yard Dogs photo by Hilary Hulteen.

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