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San Diego YouTube Vids of the Week: Infomercials and visitors

February 16, 2010 - 3:13 pm

Each week, I scan YouTube for interesting and ridiculous videos from San Diego. Some weeks, I turn up squat. Other weeks, like this one, the city comes through with time-killing goodness. This week’s selections fall into two categories:  Infomercials and wacky visitors to America’s Finest City.

Part 1: Informercials

“Why Prenups Are a Good Idea for Registered Domestic Partnerships”

San Diego family-law attorney Michele Lowenstein explains how homosexuals can protect themselves, because even gay non-marriage doesn’t always last.

“San Diego Herbal Alternatives”

This is, hands down, the classiest medical-marijuana advertisement I’ve ever seen.

Part 2: Tourist adventures

“Pedi-cab Shenanigans”

Silly girls cruise around downtown in a pedi-cab.

“Suprise San Diego” [sic]

What happens when  third-tier celebrity Jesse Woodrow (“most notable for playing Rose McGowan’s boyfriend ‘Glen’ in ‘Charmed'”) shows up unexpectedly to a fan club meeting? He preaches the gospel.

“Weekend Quest”

Young, drunken Irishmen finds there’s not a lot to do in San Diego.

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