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Issa launches new push for his health-care bill

March 17, 2010 - 2:11 pm

A month ago, we examined Congressman Darrell Issa’s HR 3438, a health-care bill that would fulfill Barack Obama’s campaign promise to offer the public the same insurance options as members of Congress. In essence, the bill would allow the Office of Personnel Management to set up an insurance exchange similar, but separate to the one currently offered to federal employees.

With Democrats moving ahead with the Senate health care bill, Issa is pushing hard for HR 3438 with this new YouTube video. What’s especially interesting is that Issa pretends he has Obama’s support, by using clips from Obama’s campaign speeches.

The money quote from Issa:

“I’m calling on Speaker Pelosi to give HR 3438 a straight up-or-down vote and I’ll bet you a bipartisan miracle will happen in the US House.”

We left a message saying we’d take him on that bet and to call us back to name the terms. A beer, lunch, a bunch of bandaids, whateves.

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