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San Diego Shows–Wednesday, March 31

March 31, 2010 - 6:50 am

PLAN A: B.O.B. @ On Broadway. After two years and myriad mixtapes, the hype surrounding this Atlanta MC has not died down. Like a cross between Kanye and the dirty south rappers of the ’90s, B.O.B. is going to be a household name by year’s end, so I’d highly recommend you check him out before you have to shell out big bucks to do so (just check out the video below to see how multi-talented he really is). At the least, download the Who the Fuck is B.O.B.? mixtape and get acquainted. PLAN B: Jeans Wilder, Dirty Beaches @ Whistle Stop. It’s one-man lo-fi night and thanks to the Whistle Stop’s lame website not too many people know about this show. Dirty Beaches is a karaoke king gone big-time. Lovely and sometimes aggressive ’50s-inspired indie-rock from French Canada. And Jeans Wilder has already made my Top 10 list of local bands to watch in ’10.  PLAN C: Dean Dirg, Miracle Dolls @ Radio Room. On the polar opposite side of the musical spectrum from Plan A, Dean Dirg are four German hipsters (just check out that pic on their MySpace site) who play one-minute punk blasts with a hint of electro irony. Fierce, but also pretty damn funny.


Karl Rove @ Warwick’s. The former White House Deputy Chief of Staff will be in San Diego to sign his new memoir, Courage and Consequence. We’re hoping he’ll give the thumbs-up to CityBeat’s new column, “Turds & Blossoms.”

The Flatliners, Broadway Calls, Cobra Skulls, Longway @ The Casbah.

Vaginals, Spurm, Butts, The Natives @ Soda Bar.

Dynamite Walls, Italian Japanese, The Drowning Men (charity show) @ Hard Rock Cafe.

“Commune Wednesday” feat. Buddy Akai, DJ Peso @ Bar Pink.

Brad Mehldau @ The Neurosciences Institute.

“7 Golden Apples”, DJ Veep Reekins @ Tin Can Ale House.

Ellamae, Lucy Schwartz, Sistah Speak, Perfect Blue @ Beauty Bar.

Aaron Bowen, Alan Land, Matt Turk @ Lestat’s.

Chad Cavanaugh, Scott West, Rob Deez @ Ruby Room.

Gilbert Castellanos @ El Camino, Little Italy.

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