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SDNN/LA Times print edition fallout

May 11, 2010 - 5:08 pm

So, local online news website, SDNN, is partnering with the L.A. Times to put out a print edition, starting May 21.

What does this mean? Well, first of all, it means the L.A. Times is OK with having its name associated with a news organization that allows public relations specialists to publish stories about their clients, organizations to publish press releases as news articles, and dubious spiritual leaders to use columns to attract followers.

What else does it mean? War. SDNN, which launched a little more than a year ago, had negotiated content-sharing partnerships with a variety of print publications under which SDNN would publish a story online, while the magazine or newspaper would benefit from the print version. Check out this e-mail that one local publisher who had made such a deal sent out to her colleagues:

Dear Publishers,
You’ve seen by now the email notice that SDNN is teaming up with the LA Times to begin their print publishing program, beginning in La Jolla and Del Mar.
Though these zones may not be in direct competition with you currently, I think we would be kidding ourselves to see the direction this is taking.
The marketing piece they have sent out to area real estate agents and office reads:
The new publication, The Times Community News, a division of the Los Angeles Times Media Group and San Diego News Network (SDNN), a division of US Local News Network, are joining forces to bring the communities of La Jolla and Del Mar a weekly newspaper devoted to providing local news and information each Friday.
Currently delivering news to their online readers daily, SDNN will now deliver its quality coverage in print to 30,000 households weekly.
SDNN newspaper launches May 21, 2010
Print only $15/PCI
On-line only $12/CPM

It is just a matter of time before they will be coming to your neighborhood. I hope you will join me in canceling your participation with SDNN. Let’s keep business local.

Julie Hoisington
La Jolla Village News
Beach & Bay Press
The Peninsula Beacon
San Diego Downtown News
San Diego Pets Magazine

Hat tip to SDDT, the San Diego Daily Transcript, which is not to be confused with SDNN.

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