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Frye: Zapf endorsement turns DeMaio from watchdog to lapdog

June 2, 2010 - 11:39 am

“There is only one candidate who represents real fiscal reform in District 6 and that is Lorie Zapf. If voters want real change in city government, they need to put Lorie on the City Council.”

With those words in a press release this morning, City Councilmember Carl DeMaio finally endorsed Zapf to succeed Councilmember Donna Frye, who is termed out, in District 6. In doing so, DeMaio seems to have broken a pledge not to endorse in the race, a move which has lit a fire under Frye.

“It’s time for me to speak up because it is the district I represent and intolerance is not acceptable and people that cannot manage their household budgets really should not be trying to tackle the city budget,” Frye said in a telephone interview with CityBeat this morning.

Frye is referring to two separate scandals surrounding Zapf. First, there were the anti-gay emails Zapf sent to Christian activist James Hartline in which she said wanted to keep gays out of public office.

DeMaio, who is gay, said he forgave Zapf and touted her as a supporter of fiscal reform. But then the other shoe dropped: CityBeat reported that Zapf has defaulted on a second mortgage on her home.

In today’s CityBeat, we report on more of Zapf’s financial problems as well as analogies DeMaio has made in the past equating the city’s poor financial decisions to defaulting on a home mortgage.

Rather than back away from Zapf, DeMaio seems has come to her rescue just as the San Diego Republican Party pumped $20,000 into her campaign.

“It was interesting to watch Carl flip-flop all over the place on this,” Frye says. “He has called himself the ‘Taxpayer’s Watchdog’ and basically what I told him was, ‘Carl, you’re just a political lapdog now, so you might want to change your letterhead.'”

Frye is supporting Steve Hadley, her chief of staff, in the race. DeMaio also gave a nod to Hadley in his endorsement, calling him a “man of integrity” who is committed to public service.

All signs, however, point to a run-off in November between Zapf and former Assemblymember Howard Wayne, a Democrat.

“I’m very concerned about a candidate that is intolerant and has a hard time understanding basic financial principles,” Frye says. “That’s a problem. I think my community deserves better, regardless if it’s Steve Hadley.”

Frye would not say whether she would vote for Wayne in a run-off, only that she would never choose Zapf.

Scope out the video of his endorsement on CW 6:

Writer’s note: I made a small tweak in the language to clarify that Zapf said she wants to keep gays out of public office. The previous wording could have been misinterpreted as saying she wants them banned from public office.

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  1. pistoleropete permalink
    June 2, 2010 - 3:27 pm 3:27 pm

    So what you’re reporting today, Dave, is politics as usual in America’s Finest*snicker*City?

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