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The Complete Bugman

June 9, 2010 - 12:00 pm

UPDATE: Sorry folks. It looks like Bugman has started pumpin’ butter after all and has pulled all his video offline. We’ll have a story in the next CityBeat about it. 

In making calls for this week’s news story, “The snitch is back,” I found myself answering the same question over and over again. A professor, a police lieutenant, a sheriff’s deputy, some young African-American lawyers, our art director Adam—they all wanted to know:

“Where do I find this Bugman guy’s videos?”

My answer then: “Go to YouTube and search for ‘san diego piru’ and you should see a guy in a ski mask.”

My answer now: You can see all seven Bugman videos to date, right here:


Keep in mind, this is only what he’s posted in the last month. #7 is his latest masterpiece and the only one so far edited like a music video.  As for the rest, you should just skip #4, which is pretty much the same as #1, but with voice distortion. (Also, here’s a link to his memoir.)

It’s kinda like watching the origin story of a virtual superhero.

And as a bonus, here’s an earlier attempt from six months earlier. (It’s actually the same as #1 and # 4, but before Bugman learned how to overlay text on his video or really knew how to effectively use tags to target specific gangs.)

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  1. pistoleropete permalink
    June 9, 2010 - 12:48 pm 12:48 pm

    You should’ve included the “music video” of Big June rappin’ Piru’N. I’m still smiling. This video has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. It just proves my point of Sandy Eggo being a weak ass town.

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