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A San Diegan on “So You Think You Can Dance”

June 18, 2010 - 10:17 am

Photo by Mathieu Young, FOX

Mexicali-born, San Diego-raised Christina Santana made it to the top 11 on Fox’s “So You Think You can Dance.”

After the first few episodes, the salsa dancer is sitting uncomfortably in the bottom three. That could change, of course, but if Facebook ‘likes’ on each contestant’s updates posted on the show’s official Facebook page are any indication, she’s got an uphill battle (Kent Boyd’s recent post got 1,374 likes versus Santana’s meager 480).

That is, unless San Diego starts showing some pride and convinces the show’s producers that we want to continue seeing her pretty face.

We all know it’s not the judges nor the viewer’s votes that really count, and it’s certainly not the dancer’s skills that get them to the next round. It’s a popularity contest, straight up.

Santana, a dancer at San Diego-based Master Puppet Dance, recently took a few minutes out of her long days of training and dancing to talk to CityBeat.

“Everybody’s so good here,” Santana said. “I’m trained a little bit in ballet since I was little, but for the last five years I’ve been doing salsa only. So, to get my body back in shape to do different dances is going to be difficult.”

Santana, who went to school at Southwestern College in San Diego, says she’s just excited she made the top 11. This is her second time trying out for the show.

“I tried last season—season 6,” Santana said. “I made it through LA, got to Vegas and then got cut at the ‘Green Mile.'”

This year, she’s in, but she might not be in for long. The show airs on Fox, click here for details and the schedule.

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