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New music!

July 7, 2010 - 6:20 pm

New Mexico--formerly Apes of Wrath.

As I’ve reported over the past month or so (here, here and here), the local music scene has seen some notable changes. Bands have broken up (Buddy Akai, Radio Racer), others have formed (Under Pine Skies, Centerlight Pop, Sleep Lady), still others have changed names (Arrows to Arrowws to Lesands, Knives! to Gloomsday) and at least two have died and resurrected (Buddy Akai’s Memo Rex and Waly Mayhem have formed Sleepwalkerz, Apes of Wrath is now New Mexico). I’m sure I’ve missed something. For all I know, that guy I saw at a Tea Party rally in El Cajon a few months back has finally put together his East County classic rock band.

Why am I telling you this? Because, lucky reader, I’ve got some mp3s from a couple of these folks you can download for free!

Under Pine Skies, an electro duo composed of local indie stalwart Erica Putis (of Recordable Colors and The Mashtis) and dubstep producer Donnie Valdez (aka EshOne), should be coming out with its debut by late summer or early fall. Until then, feel free to download and listen to these tracks, which combine the 2-step beats and subsonic bass of dubstep with echo-drenched Spanish guitar, dreamy synths and Putis’ pretty vocals. As an added bonus, you can download EshOne’s new Loving What Is EP for free here.

New Mexico, which is basically Apes of Wrath without former guitarist Andrew Geldmeier, is taking a more straightforward rock approach with a set of new songs. They’ve got two new tracks, “Case Closed” and “Abused and Amused,” up on their MySpace. You can download them here and here.

Wow, this puts me in a giving mood. I’m getting off topic now, but check out this stream of Wavves’ great new album, King of the Beach. Also, the excellent local band Primitive Noyes is offering its debut album as a free download on their website. Enjoy!

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