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ACORN worker sues O’Keefe and collaborators

July 9, 2010 - 10:39 am

Two conservative activists who pretended to be a pimp and prostitute and sleazy boyfriend* and wore hidden cameras in order to catch ACORN workers in compromising conversations are being sued in federal court in San Diego for at least $75,000.

Juan Carlos Vera, an ACORN employee in National City, filed a lawsuit yesterday against James O’Keefe III, Hanna Giles and John Does, alleging violations of the Invasion of Privacy Act following an interaction last summer.

From the complaint:

On August 18, 2009, at approximately 5:00pm, Defendants O’Keefe and Giles visited the ACORN office in National City, California.

O’Keefe was wearing a hidden camera and recorded audio and video of the visit.

Defendants O’Keefe and Giles conspired to secretly video tape and audio tape Mr. Vera.

Defendants went into Mr. Vera’s office, sat down, and began a conversation.

O’Keefe and Giles asked whether the conversation would be kept confidential and Mr. Vera agreed.

By this time, Defendants O’Keefe and Giles had already secretly videotaped employees of other ACORN office in California and other states.

Vera cites a California law that prohibits recordings of confidential communications without the consent of all the participants.

When O’Keefe released the video, which purportedly contained footage of Vera agreeing to assist them in trafficking underage girls from Mexico for the purpose of prostitution, Vera immediately lost his job.

In April, Attorney General Jerry Brown investigated O’Keefe’s allegations against  ACORN and found that O’Keefe had significantly edited the ACORN footage. In Vera’s case, Brown found that the employee had elicited as much information as possible and then turned it over to his brother, a detective with the National City Police.

Download the complaint here.

* I have corrected this to be clear that O’Keefe portayed himself specifically as a pimp only after the fact. To  quote from the Attorney General report:

In each of ACORN offices they visited together, Giles posed as a prostitute fleeing an abusive pimp, and O’Keefe posed as her boyfriend, trying to help her, and, in some instances, attempting to benefit from the proceeds of the prostitution trade. Although O’Keefe is dressed in stereotypical 1970s pimp garb in the opening and closing scenes of the videos released on the internet, when O’Keefe visited each of the ACORN offices, ACORN employees reported that he was actually dressed in a shirt and tie. Also, contrary to the suggestion in the edited videos,O’Keefe never stated he was a pimp. Although their story morphed over time, the couple requested advice from ACORN employees related to Giles’ prostitution business, including obtaining a mortgage, reporting income and taxes from the illicit business, avoiding lawenforcement scrutiny, smuggling young girls into the country to serve as prostitutes, and obtaining documentation and voting privileges for them. Woven into the narrative and conversations were tales of Giles’ flight from an abusive pimp and how the girls could be keptsafe from the pimp, albeit employed as prostitutes. O’Keefe wore a hidden camera and secretlyrecorded audio and video of the conversations.

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  1. pistoleropete permalink
    July 9, 2010 - 5:27 pm 5:27 pm

    Hopefully, if they do get successfully sued, it’ll be worth it.

  2. overlandpark4me permalink
    July 10, 2010 - 12:08 pm 12:08 pm

    You’re an idiot. Acorn is a criminal enterprise that got caught with their hands dirty.
    Funny, that when black orgs get caught it’s a “racially based witch hunt” according to the racist, oops …never mind racist works. Blacks don’t want to admit that for the most part, they are equal, except when they don’t want to be. Otherwise the money would run out on their agendas. Want to worry? Get ready for the Mexican’s to take over and bleed off their money. It’s tough to cry like a poor minority when you aren’t a minority anymore. These people crank out anchor babies like there’s no tomorrow. The black’s wont be able to have kids to increase their food stamp and welfare payments anymore. See which way they vote when the Dem’s cater to Mexican’s exclusively to garner votes. The Dem’s treat them like sheep, but they are the racist party with a racist history. The problem is the black population doesn’t live long enough to remember history, and the rest can’t comprehend it because they dropped out of school. Suing these people is laughable, but so are the race baiting Dem’s.

    • pistoleropete permalink
      July 10, 2010 - 1:07 pm 1:07 pm

      If I’m the idiot, why are you too stupid to understand my comment? Re-read it and this time, use some intelligence.

    • sc2115 permalink
      July 13, 2010 - 6:24 am 6:24 am

      ACORN was cleared of any wrongdoing, and its been proven that O’Keefe lied and heavily edited the tapes he made in order to display the opposite of what actually happened. In most cases, including this one, the ACORN employees didn’t help the so called “pimp” in any way. They actually called the fucking police!

      Wait a minute, why am I wasting my time trying to talk sense into a racist POS like you?

    • July 13, 2010 - 1:17 pm 1:17 pm

      You need to get your facts stright on this one! First in this instance there were no “Blacks” involved just a dumb ass white kid with a camera and his cohart. The gentle man (who is hispanic which does not make a difference) in the office continued the converstion to get as much information as he could BECAUSE as soon as the “real criminals” in this case left the office he called a relative that is in the National City Police force and gave them detail (which he obtained by asking questions during the converation) and reported what he thought was a human trafficing crime about to happen! It is documented on the crime reports for National City…it was turned over to a department that handles those types of crime for investigation and was an open report when FOX news decided to air this bogus cut, paist and edited version on their broadcast!without checking facts (common to that network) For the managers good deed of reporting a crime…he got fired! Because of a lie! For doing the right thing…THATS THE CRIME!

      As for the rest of your rant…if you want to complain about civil rights, discrimination laws or equal opportunity laws you may have an argument about them creating a false arena of entitlement. But there are no facts in your disaterous comments…All welfare states now include a provision that states…if you become pregnant while recieveing welfare the baby will not be eligible or increase your eligibiliy for cash aide! Done with that argument look it up…Blaiming it on the Dems is just another ignorant remark, that shows a lack of knowledge in current events or history. The current administration has put more on the table toward immegration reform then the last 6 presidents….some of the ideas in the bills come directly from the Repulican Ranks and yet they are willing to scape the whole thing their ideas included to support the current agenda of not letting Dems have any credit for doing anything! The “Grand ol party” has turned into a bunch of hypocrits that don’t know their rears from the part they think with. The remark about education is inane, as with any race or group of people you will see historically that those who rise in education and skill levels are less tolerent of those who don’t know or do not move up as well…the black and hispanic communities seem far more receptive to chariable and benevolent deeds then the rest of us of other colors. If the rest of us could find it in ourselves to know our neighbors and treat people equally there would not be people like you in the world to make outradious statements based of bullshit and non facts.

      • pistoleropete permalink
        July 13, 2010 - 6:20 pm 6:20 pm

        11 Reasons To Vote For Democrats In November

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