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Mat Diablo hired at Slacker

July 12, 2010 - 3:52 pm

Matthew Bates, aka Mat Diablo

Matthew Bates’ job hunt is over. In a phone conversation and then an e-mail, the former host of the now-defunct 91X Morning Show with Mat Diablo confirmed that he’s been hired as the Senior Radio Program Manager at Slacker Personal Radio, a San Diego-based online music service where he worked as Program Director from 2006-2008.

“The fact that Slacker Radio saw value in bringing me back on is really exceptional, and I am very grateful to be back,” he writes over e-mail. “More importantly, I’m happy to finally be back in a creative and innovative place, and I’m relieved to be working on a growth model, rather than one that is quite obviously dying on the vine.”

Unfortunately for Morning Show fans still in mourning about the show’s recent cancellation, Bates won’t be hosting a new radio show where he and a rag-tag crew of youngsters will talk about things like craft beer, weird stuff on the Internet, and Prop 8.

“I’m not going to be doing a ‘radio show’ in the context of what I did for 91X, but I will be creating original content- some of which I will be hosting,” he writes.

As a top dog at Slacker, he’ll work with bands to make “artist takeover” stations programmed with their favorite songs (for an example, see the AFI station). He’ll do interviews, record live shows and provide other content for the official Slacker radio stations of partners like Lollapalooza, the X-Games and ABC. And he’ll program Slacker’s customizable Indie, Adult Alternative, and Punk stations–“so for people that enjoyed the music elements of my 91X show, they should be able to find a new home on Slacker Radio,” he writes. “Even if you want to hear the Offspring every 45 minutes for some strange reason.”

“As for the other three members of the show, they are doing just fine,” he adds. “Carlos [Montoya] is in Cabo, Sammi [Skolmoski] has been upstairs at the City Lights bookstore in SF for the better part of the last week, and Preston [Roeschlein] lives in Australia full-time now. It’s starting to look like getting fired may have been the best thing that’s happened to us in our young lives…”

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