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Viva la Revolución opens in San Diego this week

July 13, 2010 - 9:14 am

Shepard Fairey (left) putting up a piece in Hillcrest

It must feel good. Scratch that—it must feel great to be Shepard Fairey at this stage in the game.

The famed artist used to call San Diego his home, but left after getting busted by San Diego Police. The SDPD really threw the book at him for putting his Andre the Giant stickers and imagery everywhere, so he took off and started putting his stuff everywhere else.

Early in the street-art game, it was hard for Fairey to put up his work. And even though he told me in an interview a few years ago that he still goes out on the occasional midnight run and, to this day, slaps stickers wherever he can, for the most part, his art is invited in the public domain these days.

Fairey's piece can be seen on the side of Urban Outfitters in in Hillcrest

Yesterday, Fairey was putting up a giant piece on the outside of the building that used to house the Corvette Diner in Hillcrest (it’s now an Urban Outfitters). A small crowd gathered and the SDPD was nowhere to be seen.

The work is part of the big Viva la Revolución: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape exhibition opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) this week. The show, curated by Pedro Alonzo and MCASD Associate Curator Lucía Sanromán, will feature the work of some of the best street and urban artists in the world, including Fairey, Banksy, Invader and more.

Click here to view more photos of Shepard Fairey in San Diego.

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