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San Diego Shows–Sunday, July 18

July 18, 2010 - 10:34 am

PLAN A: Devo @ SD Pride Fest. Recently, the industrial-suitwearing weirdoes of “Whip It” fame released Something for Everybody, their first album in 20 years—and one of their best. They’ve still got the synth-pop hooks and subversive lyrics, but this time they put the songs though a focus-group approval process to make them extra-appealing to the masses. Still, nothing beats their killer live show. (See our interview with Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh here.) PLAN B: The Black Diamond Riders, Hypernova @ Bar Pink. Indie-rock band Hypernova hails from Iran, where Western music and alcohol is banned and you can’t hold hands with your girl in public. Now, they’re living in the U.S., crafting tight hooks and putting on a reportedly great live show. (See our story here.) BACKUP PLAN: The Tannahil Weavers @ AMSDconcerts.

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