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BlueShift creator imagines an totalitarian San Diego in 2061

July 25, 2010 - 10:56 am

Fifty years from now, San Diego will be a city where 40 to 46 million people struggle to survive with a tiered citizenship-status system that determines how much water you’re allowed to consume.

At least that’s how Alex Jiminez, lead game designer for Seed Studio, described San Diego’s portrayal in the company’s cross-platform (comic, novel, video game) environmental-apocalypse adventure, BlueShift. In the future, rising sea levels will devastate the U.S., leaving San Diego as one of the nation’s few inhabitable cities.

“San Diego becomes incredibly conservative,” Jimenez tells CityBeat at Seed Studio’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con. “The best way to put it would be to say, ‘Imagine if Orange County conquered San Diego and it really went off the deep end.’ That’s kind of, to me, the most frightening world I could create.”

The Colorado River has dried up and San Diego now relies almost exclusively on water from a desalination plant, which ain’t too far from the truth considering the ongoing political jostling over Poseidon Resources’ Carlsbad facility.

“Your water allotment is based on your citizenship status,” Jimenez says. “Blue chips can wash their cars and rinse down their sidewalks. If you’re a yellow chip, which is for provisional citizenship, you’re allowed several glasses of water per day, unless you go to a restaurant. If you’re a green chip, you have to find your own water. That’s kind of part of your test to become a citizen here.”

And if you’re someone with the ability to blueshift—use a superhuman power to adapt to harsh environments—you can be shot on sight, which is why one mission of the game, currently in development, requires the characters to sneak into the city.

We wrote about BlueShift a few months back, when they released their extremely clever vision of an underwater Comic-Con in the year 2061 (and it was still in San Diego).

Regarding the issue of Comic-Con’s future, according to Matt Groening, at the Futurama press conference, next week’s episode will feature Comic-Con in the year 3010. We’re looking forward to finding out whether it stays in San Diego.

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