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San Diego Shows–Monday, July 26

July 26, 2010 - 6:00 am

PLAN A: Snuffaluffagus, Father Figures, Ben Lear, Fungi Girls @ Tin Can Ale House. This lineup couldn’t be any more diverse: Between Father Figures’ skronky free jazz and Fungi Girls’ janky surf-rock, there’s a whimsical folk opera by Ben Lear about a boy, his lover and an island of trash in the middle of the Pacific. PLAN B: Zombie Surf Camp, The Slow Poisoner, Nerve Meter @ Soda Bar. Walk in during one of The Slow Poisoner’s spooky songs about witches and zombies and you’d swear you’d wandered onto the set of a campy Troma film. BACKUP PLAN: Schitzophonics, The Mashtis, The Canton Mudders, Happy Ron @ The Casbah.


Reignition, Roam Alone, Boxing Day, The Effort, Choke Out, Capsize @ Che Cafe.

Raw Nerves, Age of Collapse, Fed to the Wolves, Death Crisis, “Sailor Jerry Art Nite” @ Ruby Room.

Lady Dottie and the Diamonds @ U-31.

The Styletones @ Bar Pink.

Melly Frances and the Distilled Spirits @ Riviera Supper Club.

“The Get Down” @ Kadan Club.

“Dub Dynamite” w/ Rashi, Eddie Turbo @ The Office.

“Hip-hop Ethics” open mic @ Queen Bee’s.

Michele Lundeen @ Humphrey’s Backstage Live.

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