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My morning at the library groundbreaking

July 28, 2010 - 5:29 pm

Is Councilmember Kevin Faulconer pondering library funding?

Today’s groundbreaking for the new Downtown central library was quite a production. Former Mayor Dick Murphy was there (rebuilding the library system—including a new main library—was among the eight of his “10 Goals” that weren’t completed during his five-year tenure); there were cupcakes and shiny silver shovels and T-shirts that read “7-28-10” above an image of the library. There were people shooting off air guns filled with streamers and confetti and warnings to the press to make it a happy day and not ask the mayor any tough questions.

There were surreal moments, too, like when Judith Harris, former chair of the board of the San Diego Public Library Foundation, described Mayor Jerry Sanders as a “mayor who kept the doors open when people were telling him run, don’t walk, away from this project” (surreal because the mayor’s been MIA during debates over a proposed sales-tax increase and couldn’t have left today’s event faster than he did).

Most surreal, though, was the collection box sitting next to a wood model of the library. The project’s $32.5 million short of being fully funded and there’s no identified source of money to pay for operations after five years, so anything helps, apparently. I’m guessing there was about $50 inside the box.

More photos after the jump:

Judith Harris and David Copley (center)

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