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NARAL Pro-Choice California reacts to Horn’s financial support of pro-life group

July 29, 2010 - 12:00 pm

Meghan Doran, Assistant State Director for NARAL Pro-Choice California, one of the country’s largest regional political organizations focusing on reproductive rights, issued this statement in reaction to CityBeat‘s story about how County Supervisor Bill Horn used public money to fund a group that distributes. pro-life educational materials.

Parents are tired of seeing politicians like Horn use the classroom as a way to push a political agenda. We are fortunate that, in most schools across California, we have age-appropriate sex education that helps prevent teen pregnancy and protect teens from sexually transmitted diseases. Horn needs to understand that the facts that keep students safe and healthy should be taught in school, while the values are taught at home.

In its application for a County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program Grant to pay for its annual “Life Walk” fundraiser, the La Mesa-based non-profit Life Perspectives said, “Funds raised through Life Walk are used to underwrite educational programs that empower students to make healthy choices.”

These healthy choices aren’t about nutrition, exercise or wearing sunblock. As CityBeat revealed, the religious lesson plans ranged from teaching kindergartners about fetuses to providing high schools students with scripture passages relevant to the issue of assisted suicide.

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