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Want proof? Pledge form ties Horn’s grant money to religious proselytizing

July 29, 2010 - 4:30 am

“Generously sponsored by Supervisor Bill Horn” – From an older version of the Life Walk website

In this week’s CityBeat, we reveal how San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn has used $80,000 in public money to pay for fundraisers for a group that produces and distributes highly religious, pro-life material to K-12 schools.

For example, in Lesson #1, kindergartners learn about God and zygotes.

While he did not respond to our questions about Life Perspectives and its annual Life Walk, Horn did provide TV stations with a written response after our story was already on newsstands.

In the e-mail, he stated:

City Beat’s accusations are entirely based on the inaccurate assumption that the county is sponsoring a curriculum that is designed to be used in private, religious schools, but not a single penny of taxpayer funds can or will go toward that use. If you look at the Life Walk website, there is no religious proselytizing going on and county auditors will ensure taxpayer dollars do not go toward religious purposes.

It’s true. We did look at the Life Walk ’10 website and saw that there was no religious proselytizing going on. In fact, there was no explanation at all as to what was going on, period. There was no clear identification of the purpose of the fundraiser and no description of what services Life Perspectives actually provides. So, we did some investigative journalism, and that’s how we got our story.

But if it’s proselytizing that Horn wants, he’ll find it on the old website for Life Walk ’09, which, as of publishing this post, was still available through Google. It contains a four-page pledge form that “Team Leaders” were to distribute to walk participants.

You can download it by clicking this image:

On the front of the card, there’s Horn’s name and the county logo (they actually appear twice on the pledge form):

On the inside, there’s a little section called, “What We Do.”

The first and largest section* is called, “Whole Life Curriculum” and it lets the principal of Nativity Prep Academy explain (emphasis added):

“Whole Life Curriculum has been a blessing for the students and teachers at Nativity Prep. Our core academic classes leaves little room for what is most critical. for the best furniture moving companies.  Whole Life Curriculum fills this need: teaching students to understand how to relate to others and keeping God and God’s love at the center of those relationships – with family, with friends, with themselves.”

That’s followed by this quote from the principal of St. Jude Academy:

The Whole Life Curriculum lessons lead students to the desired behaviors and attitudes that we are trying to instill – a respect for all life. Students love the opportunity the lessons and activities give them for meaningful sharing of feelings, worries, and questions.”

The form also quotes a student who explains, “We learned about God and how He is the only one who can determine a person’s value.”

Our conclusion about the Life Perspectives curriculum is supported by the testimony of private, religious-school educators and students that appeared in Life Walk promotional materials that bear the county’s logo. We fail to see how our “inaccurate assumption” is inaccurate or even an assumption at all.

We stand by our story.

* The second section is “Public school presentations,” but that service is no longer advertised or referenced on the Life Perspectives website.  The third is  for which may or may not be relevant. In its application to the county, Life Perspectives stated: “Funds raised through Life Walk are used to underwrite educational programs that empower students to make healthy choices.” is not an educational program, but purports to be a website for people who have experienced abortion. But that’s another story… literally.

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  1. pistoleropete permalink
    July 29, 2010 - 10:26 am 10:26 am

    If it’s got Chick-fil-A as a sponsor, you KNOW it’s got religious overtones…

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