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San Diego Museum of Art curator to participate in ‘Ask a Curator’ event

August 31, 2010 - 9:30 am

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, San Diego Museum of Art curator John Marciari will answer the public’s questions as part of the international “Ask a Curator” event.

The event seeks to connect museum curators with patrons in a day of public conversation. To ask Marciari a question, use the hashtag “#askacurator” and direct your questions to @SDMA.

What are a few questions Marciari might like to answer? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few questions we asked Marciari to help get the ball rolling:

1. What are your specialties/areas of interest?

I publish mainly on Italian and Spanish painting of the 16th-18th centuries, but like most curators, I actually deal with a much broader range. Here at the Museum, I’m responsible for European Art from around 1300-present.

2. What sort of research are you currently doing?

At the risk of seeming immodest, I think the best way to give you a sense of my current projects is to send you to the article that Jim Chute wrote about me a few weeks back, in the U-T. That’s at

3. Should people ask you about current exhibitions?  Any particular exhibitions you feel most comfortable with? Any future exhibitions you’re working on?

People can certainly ask about our main exhibitions on right now (Toulouse-Lautrec, Heroes), or about the little “Century of Lithography” installation that has just opened, or about any of the permanent collection galleries. I’d have more to say about the European & American galleries than about the Asian galleries.  I can easily give previews of the Thomas Gainsborough or Howard Hodgkin exhibitions that are coming up in February.

4. Can you help me come up with one or two questions you would want or hope to be asked?

What’s a typical day like for a curator?

How did you become a curator?

What are some of your favorite works at the Museum?

What exhibitions are coming up and how do you choose?

I don’t want to lead you with too many questions, though… I’m more curious to see what questions really come out on the day.

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